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VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

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Re: VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by Bloomers on Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:59 am

Thank you for all the hard work - we appreciate it! rose bud

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Re: VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by Love_Me on Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:39 am

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Re: VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:24 am

@cupcakes wrote:Thank you DMBFan for starting this thread! :urok:

Thanks DMBFan............great Job!! :thanki:


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Re: VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:24 am

Thanks DMBF, that's awesome to go back and read and alot of work for you.



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Re: VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by cupcakes on Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:18 am

Thank you DMBFan for starting this thread! :urok:

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VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by DMBFan on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:57 pm

I typed these up for another site but didn't share here as I thought you guys would be all over this already. Someone was mentioning the other day about going back to do them, so hopefully this will save time. I only focused on the PI's (not VO's) of the spoiled F4 & Ryan. I also didn't start with the guys PI's until Ep 2, but I did re-watch M&G night to see if Ashley made any PI's about any of the F4 or Ryan. I also numbered them in the order they occur throughout the episode, not sure why.

This is what I've done so far, I can do it next week as well.

M&G - Ashley PI's only

Ashley about Ryan: I feel really good about Ryan P. Ryan is the whole package, he's gorgeous, smart, successful, has such a positive outlook on life, he really put me at ease, my conversation with him really set the bar very high.

Ashley about JP: JP's really cute. I'm definitely intrigued by his good looks and charm. I'm not sure he's going to be the one calling me cupcake, but you never knnoww...

No other PI's from Ashley on Ben F, Constantine or Ames.

Episode 2

Ben F.’s PI’s

1. I think it’s a huge advantage to have the first one on one date. Spending actual quality time really kind of away from everybody else, it’s huge.
5. All of a sudden, up from the heavens, comes Ashley. It was nice, real nice.
8. It’s very important that we win this challenge but there is no real concept as of yet and it’s still early on but I have an idea that might change that.
9. I want to live it up in Las Vegas tonight…with Ashley.
10. If you win this dance off, you get to spend so much more time with Ashley. It’s crucial. We are not going home, I am NOT going home.
11. Having less guys here competing for Ashley’s attention is wonderful. Later!
13. Ashley looked amazing. Ashley’s a very good dancer. You can tell that she has years of practice. Her body is so incredibly tight. She knows how to work it out there.
14. We were all a bit surprised when we saw Jeff with his mask on still. I don’t know why, your guess is as good as mine.

* No PI’s from Ashley about Ben.

JP’s PI’s

3. I’m stuck here with 4 others guys, Ryan, Mickey, Ben C. and Jeff the Mask. Not getting a date this week would suck. I wanna spend time with her.
14. The rose ceremony is coming up, I haven’t spent any time with her at all other than the first night I need the one on one so I get the rose and I stick around.
15. I’m trying to be a glass half full kind of guy. She picked the two of us to go head to head for a one on one, but I’m pissed. I wanted to go.
16. I’ve been pretty disappointed and deflated because I’ve spent virtually no time with her, I’ve lost the coin toss for a one on one, so I need to make an impression on Ashley. I’m going to be the first guy to talk to her tonight, hands down, no one’s getting in my way.
17. I came into tonight deflated and discouraged about not getting that one on one and losing the coin toss to Mickey, but now to have it excel to this level. I’m on cloud 9.

Ashley PI's about JP (same dress - we don't actually see her say the whole sentence - maybe about 1/2 - didn't sound different though): I’m not the type of girl to be the one to lean in for a kiss, but for some reason, I wanted to kiss JP tonight.

Constantine’s PI’s

4. It was awesome, the choreography was amazing. When you see it up close and see what they do, you have a whole other respect for them.
7. We went backstage and just started brainstorming. We have about 30 minutes to come up with a choreographed routine. I have no clue what we were doing

* No PI’s from Ashley about Dino.

Ames’ PI’s

6. Six of us are gonna go home. I’m a horrible dancer, not a good feeling.
12. Ashley’s going to spend the evening with these guys, performing, doing what she loves, dancing, and that’s upsetting.

* No PI’s from Ashley about Ames.

Ryan’s PI’s

2. Everything could be over, they could go to the little chapel of love in Vegas. That would be terrible.

(I know I missed one from Ryan, but I haven't gone back to re-watch yet.)

* No PI’s from Ashley about Ryan.

Episode 3

Ben F. PI's

2. He’s best known for roasting people like Pam Anderson, David Hasselhoff. I mean he’s hilarious.

5. You’ve had all of 15 minutes to talk to this girl, boop, here’s my face, you have small boobs.

*No PI's from Ashley about Ben.


8. I think it’ll be one of three - me, Constantine or Wes. But everyone else seems to think it’ll be me, simply because I haven’t been on a date with her yet. Nothing happens according to plan, so I would not be surprised, if it wasn’t me.

9. Finally going on a date – 1 on 1, there’s no place like home, don’t know what it means. I don’t care, I’m juiced, I’m ready to go.

10. I know that she had an emotional night last night on the group date, and Bentley going home today couldn’t have been easy for her so I don’t know how emotional she’s going to be. I do want to know that she’s okay and once I touch on it, then we’re going to go on with the rest of the night.

11. A lot of emotion, a lot of drama, but tonight is about me and Ashley and I’ve got to find a way to help her put all that aside and focus on the two of us.

12. Ashley and I definitely have some chemistry, and I couldn’t be more sincere when I say I’m in this for the right reasons. My heads in the right place, my hearts in the right place, tonight’s the night.

13. If you can enjoy a night at home with the woman you love, that speaks volumes. It’s the little things that matter most, always, you can ask anyone who has been in a long-term loving relationship. It’s the little things.

14. I had an unbelievable time and I’m flying. It was an absolutely unbelievable night. It was perfect. You don’t think feelings can develop that quickly, but there’s something there. Absolutely something there. I feel it, I hope she felt it.

Ashley PI’s about JP: 1) One of the hardest parts is that tonight is my date with JP. Its not fair to him that this is going to be his date, just because I can’t see myself having a really great date tonight and that sucks because JP is a really good guy and he deserves to see the best in me and he’s not going to.

2) There’s something about JP’s kisses, even comparing them to the kiss I had with Bentley, JP over Bentley in the kiss department.

**I noticed that both JP & Ashley’s PI’s weren’t always in front of the camera but I didn’t notice any breaks in sound or quiet to loud, etc.

Ames PI's

3. I have to go up and roast Ashley in front of a sold out house, I am dying here, dying. This is the most traumatic thing I may have had to do in my entire lifetime. (Sorry, I laughed out loud at this – he looked mortified.)

4. Today we are going to be roasting Ashley. There are going to be 200 people who are expecting a comedy show here and I am the farthest thing from a comedian so I am hoping to survive this.

*No PI's from Ashley about Ames

Constantine PI's

None - did I miss one?

*No PI's from Ashley about Constantine

Ryan PI's

1. Is he really taking his mask off, or is he stealing 1 on 1 time with her? (Repeated again after the commercial – First thing, Jeff grabs her, walks outside, is he really taking his mask off, or is he stealing 1 on 1 time?)

6. After the roast, we get to the party, everyone is still feeling down. It was a very rocky roast. William definitely crossed the line.

7. When she exposed how much she was hurt, it made a sad situation just devastating. People realized damage has been done.

*No PI's from Ashley about Ryan, unless I missed one, which seems strange after the 1 on 1 time on the roast date

***I didn't know what to use as a header for this thread, please San & Love Me, if guys think it should be called something else, please change it.


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Re: VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

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VO & PI's - Discussion - Thread #1

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