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Episode 5 - 6/20 - Discussion - Thread #1

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Re: Episode 5 - 6/20 - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by ninu on Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:58 pm

happygirl77us wrote:On one of the tabloids it said Bentley the next Bachelor, really would any one in the whole world watch him?

Oh please god, NOOOOO hissyfit :puke: :puke:

Also -

Ash's torso is as far away from Ben's as possible with the arms around each other. If it was JP, she'd've been nuzzling right up to him -


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Re: Episode 5 - 6/20 - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by JBF on Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:58 pm

@Alanna wrote:
San wrote:I really hope Ashley and JP's 1-1 date is after Bentley comes and goes next week. Ashley looks so happy with JP doing the titanic thing.

Me too but I think that it'll be before she sees Bentley. Would they let Ashley look like she's happy with JP and over Bentley after seeing him in HK? I don't think so! Rolling Eyes

If it is after Bentley, she will be ready to go full throttle and be as prepared to be as "into" him as he is "into" her...

Obviously I have NO idea the timing of these events... and how they will be edited on screen. Yet, don't you think it is all too convenient that Bentley dumping her was right before JP's first 1 on 1 and she waisted no time getting tongue action and falling asleep on his chest. Somehow, I'm getting the same "vibe" for next week, only Bentley's scene ran ONE hour and then she was done! done! done! with him. Ready to get back to Mister Impatient. ("When’s my next 1 on 1? I can’t-I’m impatient." "I feel like I owe you a really good one.") It almost feels like she Does The Deed (OK... maybe not... but they do more than just hop around the train seats squealing)... then, since she doesn't want to just cancel another cocktail party on account of Fogscreen Bentley, she decides to just tell the remaining guys "Guess who stopped by in Hong Kong this week?"

I do think that Constantine comment was about something other than Bentley, but it was so funny how they edited it.

The funniest scene the whole episode, topping all of the "It chaps my ass" panic during Constant Sleep's let's-chill-and-meet-the-natives date last week was JP's comment to Ashley about being concerned about Ben's date. She was probably thinking "hey, that might turn him on..."

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Re: Episode 5 - 6/20 - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by Love_Me on Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:00 am


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Re: Episode 5 - 6/20 - Discussion - Thread #1

Post by Sponsored content

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Episode 5 - 6/20 - Discussion - Thread #1

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