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Viewing parties 6/10

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Viewing parties 6/10

Post by instinct on Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:03 am

Des, JP, Ashley, Trista, Molly & Jason crashed a couple of viewing parties in NYC on Monday.  I'm terrible at embedding, but here is one photo followed by five others that can be cut & pasted from tweets.

Savett24@Savett24 11 Jun
@JP_Rosenbaum @ashhebert aaaand we're in the same exact position...obv! #twinsie #jinx pic.twitter.com/nqMEMDJikh
KMorgie@karamorg 11 Jun
Thank you so much for stopping by our party! y'all are welcome to crash anytime @ashhebert @JP_Rosenbaum pic.twitter.com/nBQN3SznBY
Emily Urbanski@Emily_Urbanski 10 Jun
Thank you @ashhebert @JP_Rosenbaum for hanging out with us at our #viewingparty we had so much fun! #thebachelorette pic.twitter.com/fLkGWJyF6e
Melissa Hutter@MelHutter 10 Jun
@DesHartsock @JP_Rosenbaum and @ashhebert crashed out viewing party. #Bachelorette #nobigdeal #Bachelornation pic.twitter.com/mNoziLEjTs
Carmen Loo@carmenloo 10 Jun
@JP_Rosenbaum thanks for stopping by. You guys are awesome!! #bachelorette #funmondaynight @deshartsock @ashhebert pic.twitter.com/YXqHPDmBmd

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Viewing parties 6/10

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