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Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

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Post by Guest on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:13 pm

 Just a lil  background on how i get stucked in Nick Nation for the fist time : I didnt pay attention to Nick, like at all, and i was ready to skip the whole season because i personally wild guessing Jodi end up toget
her and it was confirmed by all spoilers thus a big turn off for me since i thought no fun-guessing and no fun-sleuthing left. Until....i read her blog of episode 3 and seen the PP of Nick as very suspicious(at first pointed by Britt....where are you girl.?....you coudnt just get away from me and left me miserable in the spoiled F2 land again, could you? J/K :WAVEY: )

quoting my self :Just wanted to record that Nick changed his PP sometimes this past week (around May 27th -June 1st)


TO :
I, Britt &few others speculated that the latter could be from a safe house visit.(the alleged first safe house visit was during memorial weekend).  
i definitely think this is the weirdest and most random PP ever for a successful single guy to display. with the blushing smile, messy hair, not so clear
resolution, and defly taken by someone's else. Chris Siegfried has posted similar pic-shirtless, smiling, taken by someone else near the finale. Go figure
Oddly enough, he took down this PP right after we discussed this on the forum as an alleged SH visit (one more reason to believe we have MF minions around here  )
the first PP also suspicious to me as if it look like a skype/facetime pic..implying..'.pls call me, im miserable..' with puppy eyes and all. and.....Hello!...ear piece!!!.... giggling 

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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by MVMom39forever on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:16 pm

More words of wisdom from Elan
(Nothing to do with season ... or ... Everything to do with season?)

-Success is good but watching people you don't like fail is truly excellent – May 17
-The best revenge is living well. And murder- May 17
-Wrong and Loud often go hand in hand (June 3)
-People who post inspirational quotes are rarely inspiring" - Eleanor Roosevelt - June 5
-The one thing you can always depend on is that people with stupid opinions use a lot of exclamation points (June 3)
-Quite frankly you probably shouldn't put any of your eggs in a basket – June 9th
-It's gotten to a point where everyone is shouting their opinions so loudly that everything is just a screeching overbearing wall of static (w June 23)
-You are entitled to your opinion but no one is required to listen to it (w June 23)
-The internet is a magical place where everyone thinks their opinion is valuable (w June 23)
-No one cares about your website (w June 23)
- Looking at inspirational quotes in order to feel better is like staring at a treadmill in order to lose weight (w/o June 30)

And ...

-Friends don't let friends get back together with their exes (july 16)



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Post by Guest on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:24 pm

Another POV of this tweet :

On the same day, Andi wrote this on her blog of episode 5:

Olivia Pope has said, "I am not a prize at the state fair. You cannot win me!"

-Top Gun is on TV. This day is getting better and better! #winning (w/o June 16)

just love these 2 darlings wicked sense of humor!  :cutesmile!:

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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by MVMom39forever on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:28 pm

Thank you JEN! by jen689on Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:25 am


Episode 1 All About Meeting The Men

When it came time to hand out my first impression rose, I had a lot of great options – Chris, JJ and Marcus to name a few – but my instinct to give it to Nick V. was definitely reaffirmed when I had some time to talk to him. I saw a lot of his personality in myself. I remember how skeptical I was that first night and I saw it in him. I wanted to give him the rose to let him know to have a little faith in me and in this process as well. I wanted him to get over some of his fears.

Episode 2 Sad, Raunchy and Sweet all in One Episode - No mention of Nick

Episode 3 My First Kiss With Nick Was Passionate And Romantic

It was my first time in Santa Barbara, and we stayed at the beautiful Bacara – right on the beach. My first date was with Nick. Obviously, he had made a great impression on me the very first night, and I wanted to get to know him more. Nick had voiced his skepticism about this whole process, so I thought he would enjoy a simple and very realistic date like bike riding and hiking.

During our picnic, I could tell Nick was nervous, but I found it endearing. While we were hiking, I knew I wanted to show Nick this special place to watch the sunset, but what you didn't get to see was that we actually had to climb through a narrow hole in a rock wall to get there. Once we got through that and were enjoying the sunset, that's when Nick went in for our first kiss and it was so passionate and romantic. Later that night, we met at the beautiful Santa Barbara courthouse for dinner.

Throughout dinner I found myself relating to Nick in so many ways. On a mental level, we were definitely connected, and for many reasons, it was an easy decision to give Nick the rose on the date.

The rose ceremony involved a lot more drama then I knew about! But there were some really sweet and romantic moments during the cocktail party too. Nick sending flowers was romantic, unexpected and yet so simple. I think it showed how realistic Nick was in this process. What I mean by that is, Nick made an effort to make this process feel more like we were dating back in Chicago. I really appreciated that, and as a woman, that's definitely how I want to be treated.

Episode 4 I Love Connecting with Dylan during 'Emotional Conversation'

The Rosebuds and I had a cocktail party that evening, and I really enjoyed my time with them. Nick and I had great chemistry that night and was a perfect follow up to our one-on-one date.

Just like in Santa Barbara, I felt like Nick and I continued to have this intense mental and physical connection. The kisses were amazing and he definitely knows how to make me feel like a woman, and I loved how passionate he was.

Episode 5 My Incredible Date with Josh

Nevertheless, the guys were great sports as usual – except Nick. I know Nick and I had a great connection from our date in Santa Barbara, and I know it’s hard to adjust back to group dates, but I remember really not liking Nick’s standoffish behavior. Little did I know that that would follow through the evening as well.

As soon as I walked back into the cocktail party I could feel that something was off with the guys. I started talking to then individually and I got the sense that there was some tension between the guys and Nick – specifically that Nick had suggested to some effect that he was the "frontrunner." Obviously I don’t like this term, because it made me feel like this was a competition and that I’m a prize, and like Olivia Pope has said, "I am not a prize at the state fair. You cannot win me!" Needless to say, I was not happy at the turn of events that night.

Episode 6 It Felt Like Nick and I Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend

I had a tough decision to make for the first one-on-one date. I knew Cody was the only guy who hadn't had a one-on-one date yet, but after last week's confusing group date, I knew I had some things I needed to talk to Nick about. Plus, I knew I had a perfect date that fit Cody's personality coming up later that week. So, I made what was probably an unpopular decision – to bring Nick on that first date. I just held onto hope that Cody would have faith and understand.

My date with Nick started off with a walk around Venice and a beautiful gondola ride. We were swarmed by pigeons in Piazza San Marco and had the best gelato I've ever tasted. I remember thinking how natural it felt between Nick and me that day. It really just felt like we were boyfriend and girlfriend in this amazingly beautiful city. Seeing the city by gondola made the whole day so much more romantic. Nick brought the passion and made me feel so special. My favorite kiss of the day was when we were floating underneath the famous Bridge of Sighs. According to local legend, if you kiss under the Bridge of Sighs, you're supposed to have eternal love. I had always felt a mental and physical connection with Nick and today was no different. This was the Nick that I have loved getting to know.

Later that night, Nick and I got all dressed up for a special dinner in a stunning masquerade hall. I'll never forget riding up on a gondola and seeing Nick standing there in his Italian tuxedo – He looked so handsome! He joked that night that he felt like he was James Bond!

I had my concerns with Nick from the previous week because he seemed to not be getting along with some of the guys, which was a major turnoff. Nick actually owned up to his part of the drama. He explained that he's confident, not arrogant, in the relationship that we had been building and that's probably what had rubbed the other guys the wrong way. I liked that Nick was honest about the situation and I decided to trust him knowing that there was bound to be drama, but it was definitely something I knew I had to keep my eye on.

As if the night couldn't have gone any better, Nick got all nervous and started mumbling his words and I knew something big was coming. When he finally found his courage, he told me that he was falling in love. I was so happy that Nick was allowing himself to have those feelings for me – especially considering how skeptical he had been in the beginning of this journey. At the end of the night, I felt that although taking Nick for the first date was unconventional, I felt so much better about where he and I stood with each other and was so happy to kick off the week with such an unbelievable date!

Nick stealing me first was a bold move to make. I really loved seeing him take the initiative and I wished all the guys could step up like that.

Episode 7 Being Sneaky vs Being a Gentleman

I have to admit, I had been waiting for a guy to sneak over this season, and it hadn't happened yet, so I figured it wasn't going to sad. But when I least expected it, there was a knock on the door and it was Nick! It was so cute to see how nervous Nick was when he knocked on the door! I was completely taken by surprise, but I loved it! What I liked most about it was that all Nick really wanted to do was go for a walk. He didn't feel the need to sneak off into an ocean or go to a hot tub.

Walking the streets of Belgium with Nick was so romantic. It was such a rush to know that we were just out on the town. Nick really made me feel special that night and he definitely brought the passion. Although we had a great time, I will say that I felt a little guilty knowing I had just come off a great date with Marcus and had another date the next day, but nonetheless I loved Nick's effort!

I met Dylan, Nick, Chris and Brian at these old ruins in the countryside. Again, another beautiful spot in Belgium! I'm telling you, this country was as picturesque as it gets! We rode bike carts through the country (well I rode, they pedaled, haha)

I had great conversations with all of the guys, and ultimately, gave the group date rose to Nick. Nick had been so open with me, both on the night he snuck over and that day at the monastery. Here he was, this skeptic, who was now telling me he was ready for marriage.

I felt so good about our relationship and I remembered how special I felt getting that hometown rose last season and I knew I wanted Nick to feel that same way. It was so sad to watch the other guys leave the date, but dinner with Nick was so great and we ended the night with fireworks, which for me capped off a great week of dates!

The time with each guy went well – until Nick swooped in on Brian's time. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in this "move," but I also understand that at this point, time is crucial, and a rose, while important, isn't nearly as important as building the relationship.

Episode 8 Meeting the Men's Families

A Bumpy Ride on the Way to Nick

As soon as the rose ceremony finished I was on a plane from Brussels to Milwaukee. I had a smooth flight to New York, but as soon as I got there, the rain started, and that's when the trouble began. All of my flights were cancelled that day, and there were several moments I wasn't even sure if I was going to make it to Milwaukee! Finally, I was able to hop onto a shuttle to go to a different New York airport, got on a flight to Chicago and then, finally, drove to Milwaukee. This was by far the toughest travel day yet.

As a result of all the cancelled flights, needless to say, my bags did not make it to Milwaukee. The next morning, I woke up super early to get to the mall and shop for an outfit. I really wanted to look nice for Nick and his family and was so happy I was able to put something together!

After all of that, I was finally ready and excited to see Nick in his hometown of Milwaukee. I met Nick at a local market and Nick told me that he also had travel troubles getting to Milwaukee and actually landed that morning! I can't believe we both almost missed the hometown! After snacking on some yummy cheese curds, Nick took me to this brewery where he had a surprise for me. What you didn't get to see was that Nick had a table in the back with all of his friends waiting for us to sit and hang out. Nick got so emotional when he was reunited with his friends, and it was really sweet to see that side of Nick. It was refreshing to see Nick in his element with his friends because I knew he had been having such a hard time being around all of the guys in the house. And then there was polka! My polka dancing was about as bad as we all have come to expect from me, but it was fun to "hop" around nonetheless.

The thing I was most nervous about for Nick's hometown was trying to remember all of his siblings' names. Nick has 10 siblings and let me tell you, it seems like a whole lot more when you see them all in person. Nick's sister Maria was definitely the most concerned about the situation. I really appreciated Maria's questions, though, because it was all out of love for her brother. My favorite conversation of the night definitely had to be with Bella, Nick's youngest sister. Bella was so adorable, but she also caught me off guard with some tough questions! I think Bella definitely has a career as a lawyer in her future! All in all, it was really great to see Nick with his family. I learned a lot about Nick that day and I was just so happy that my first hometown went as smoothly as it did!

Episode 9 Why I Didn’t Invite Chris to the Fantasy Suite

Nick and I started the date off with an incredible helicopter ride across the island. We truly got to see the beauty of the Dominican Republic from the most incredible viewpoint. The colors of the water, the landscape, everything was stunning! We landed the helicopter on our own private island. Well, I should say that it was private, until a diplomat of the Dominican government also decided to land on the beach for his own picnic too! I promise you can't make this up! Nick and I had such a fun day frolicking on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

Coming off his hometown in Milwaukee, I wanted to talk to Nick about his relationship history. Knowing that the end of my journey was coming up so soon and that Nick had previously been engaged, I felt it was really important to talk about Nick's romantic past.

Our conversation about Nick's past break-ups definitely put me at ease. Nick has this unique ability to just put any issues out in the open and work through them quickly, which I greatly admire.

That night, we enjoyed an intimate dinner on the beach. I absolutely loved the storybook Nick made for me. This was not some sort of flipbook, but rather this was well thought-out and carefully executed. Nick even burnt the edges to make the pages look more authentic.

I was blown away by Nick's drawing skills! Who knew he was such an artist? On top of all of that, the fairytale story that he wrote was so creative and adorable. We laughed as we read the story, but it was also one of the most romantic gifts I have ever been given. Between our great conversation on the beach, him saying he loved me and the beautiful book, I was excited to spend time with Nick, away from the cameras.

I still wanted to do a rose ceremony, even though there were two roses and only two guys remaining. I felt at that point in the journey it was a two-way street, and Nick and Josh should be able to decide if they want to accept the rose or not. They knew what the next week could possibly entail and I wanted them to dive into it with open arms.

I was so glad that they both wanted roses. I couldn't have been happier with my final two guys. Despite how different they are, they were definitely the two I felt the strongest connection with – even from the beginning. I couldn't believe it was coming down to the guy I gave my first impression rose to and the guy who's from my hometown!


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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by MVMom39forever on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:33 pm

@sdmom wrote:
"3 weeks ago · Brussels City Centre to be fair I have gone to even further lengths to get hotel room keys. love means never having to get a restraining order, Lauren Waxman #TheBachelorette"

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Post by Guest on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:42 pm

KarmaGirl wrote:
@MonicaJM2001 wrote:
murasaki1393 wrote:Just noticed the SM subtle clues decoded by NR ..great work girl! clapping! Chica-Go and the glass wine...plus bumpy ride on the less-traveled road wow  :jumpyay: goteam 

from my last year's experience, the spoiled F2 (who is the actual F1 Smiley)'s  SM clues were never the in-your-face, obvious ones. Those always been the most subtle ones that needed deep observation and thorough interpretation by avid fans.

Last year's Chris SM clues has drove me nuts more than often laugh out loud..but..wow!..Nick's SM crumbs are really on a whole different level. This guy is a genius with wicked sense of humor, and deep philosophy on life and love  :yes: . Its been such a  :crazed experience yet pure joy to follow his journey, on and off screen, via his SMs... :cutesmile!: 

Completely agree.  I definitely hope Nick stays active on SM post Bachelorette. He cracks me up. example: The nose blowing tweet was so out of the blue  but then there i was actually thinking about the process of blowing my nose and whether I look at the results or not laugh out loud.

I hope he does too!  Nick is so bright and clever, so I'm wondering (since I didn't see the MTA), was there anything about Andi blowing her nose on the blooper reel, or anything of that theme?  That blowing the nose tweet seemed kind of "out there" so I figured it tied in somewhere to make Andi laugh.  Thoughts?

OH M..GEE...be still my heart! of course Pookie was shown blowing her nose!..Get outta here, Nick!....Shout out Much?...Thanks for letting us know Nick! thumbsup  sneakyl 

The infamous Blow-Out Scene (from 1: 33 Mark) laugh out loud


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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by MVMom39forever on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:48 pm

@gpjillianfan wrote:...I've noticed Elan favourite several positive tweets about Nick during airing of episodes. The most obvious one is one originally tweeted by Holly Durst:

"Feel like I'll get yelled at from all the nuts out there, but Nick is my favourite. If you're mad, congrats you're a nut!"

There was another one he favourited during Episode 7 when they found out about Eric:

"Oh...I love that long hug between (Elan) and (Nick). #Bromance #BachelorFamily #TeamNick."

So I don't think anyone here is being bias. From what I see on his feed, Elan definitely likes Nick : )

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Post by Guest on Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:09 pm

Karma ... I thought about their families too... but there's still time to do it again in USA after the season, maybe like couple Lowe did, during The Bachelor.
I think I read somewhere, Andi saying, that she isn't really into the whole big wedding ceremonial, that she could just run to the courthouse and get married ... so it is possible.

WOW - excellent connection Happy!!! Foreshadow anyone???

You wouldnt think i would deliberately miss this precious crumb, would you?. giggling ...Thanks KG and Sue!  bestbud!

EUREKA!! :crazy dance: 

This from Nian First 1-1 date on the SB COURTHOUSE

Foreshadow.....Big Hint/Clue..or Already Happened?..... you decide! ... :wedding


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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by notarose on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:10 am

 photo A0DE621A-1019-4FE5-9C4D-8A752F99B0E3_zpsaswzrlfl.jpg

Adding to Mura's post upthread.

The right lover is never blind. The right lover sees you like no other ever could.

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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by MVMom39forever on Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:35 am

@notarose wrote:
KarmaGirl wrote:I missed this before, very cute:

Luke Viall ‏@Lukeviall Jun 23
Grandma: "wait...who picks who she goes on a date with?" Jesus grandma.... Jesus does #teamnick

Thanks for posting KarmaGirl. You reminded me of this grandma post:

June 24 - Andi's IG

 photo 7D2A9CA8-15F3-4DEF-B6E1-3D64B16F566E_zpsisi5388a.jpg

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Post by Guest on Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:14 am

A Veiled/Vialled Season. To hide the obvious in the plain sight. To hide the Elephant in the Room   

The Veiled Banner. Credit : notarose


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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by JBF on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:53 pm

These "Easter Eggs" I used for Chris' stock as a possible F1, but they could be used with Nick also. (Not that it matters anymore since the whole edit of this show is completely "off the tracks" and not making much sense anyway.)

23.) Andi is informed by one of the Boys II Men troop: "When you are singing it, you gotta find the guy that you are focusing on. Yeah… you can do the sexy eyes. Just look at him, like.."
Andi: "I’ll make love to you?"
"I’ll make luuuuv to you."
Andi to the cameras (not to any guy on that group date):" I’ll close my eyes. I’ll make a wish. I’m gonna concentrate on YOU. Tonight is your night."

24.) Boys II Men comment on that date Chris, Nick, Dylan and JJ did NOT attend: “If this is any indication of who she’s gonna choose, you won’t have one on this show. She should just leave by herself.”

Andi also apologizes to somebody watching the guys’ performance for the first time on TV, having not attended the date,


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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

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