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Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

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Post by Guest on Mon Jul 28, 2014 11:07 am

Call me crazy. I believe the homeygirl had falling fast for Nick since their first 1-1 (on epi 3)---this is described well by an awesome friend  Smiley :
- her blogs. They go on one date and all of a suddenly she writes about this great mental, intellectual, physical connection.
- flowers/note: she goes to find him, zooms him out of the kitchen and out the door (really cute move; she could have done the usual and sat him on a bench or couch) then can't even wait for him to take off his suit jacket before smooching him up. That was after 1 date because he had NO dates in epi 2.

Needless to say, TPTB need to hide this early connection like crazy..including to throw the F1 in his 'personal' edit under the bus. (drama with the guys)--more on this later.I found a pattern resembling Des's in term of storyline and VOs. This season is dedicated to Eric so they put the LS in full glory at the expense of necessary foiler scheme. to hide the obvious in the plain sight.

Edit Summary -My perspective:
1.Nick personal edit resembles a Big V letter in my book. FIR- best edit on ep 3.4 then downhill on ep 5-7 to rising up again from ep 8 till FRC to a new peak. Big Victory for a Viall guy who loves wearing deep V neck  

2. NiAn LS edit resembles Eric's bracelet: their Relation still keep moving fwd forming the dots/circle in between cueing the 'connection', with Rose on either end: FIR and next, FR

Note that these 2 edits dont necessarily go together. on epi 5 when Nick's edit hit the lowest low his relationship with Andi still keep moving forward (Andi told him: if i were your wife....Nick reciting his 'When i see you' ). on ep.7 when he personally described as Tricky, TPTB rewarded him w Trista-Ryan guitar riff (typical F1) and Andi praised him highly both on her PI on-screen and on her blog, off-screen. (plus, CH on his blog).. Tricky devious TPTB indeed! to fool viewers to think he cant be the F1 due to his bad personal edit, while showing us a very powerful, thought provoking, raw and real Love Story heartbeat. . A veiled Season :yes:

just as Chres LS, they have built the storyline between Nian comprehensively as the main storyline.NO WAY they will waste it in the end to crash and burn. And oh, just in case anyone wondering, no smoking gun clues for spoiled F2 who is the actual F1. JMO, of course, flashing back to Chres’ season.

And of course, since this season is dedicated to Eric, there is what i called as an Eric Effect. Bringing over Sue and NR's posts  in light of the Eric Effect:

SueSt wrote:
When speaking with his mom Nick says:
I don't want to be that person who's had his heart broke before in the past and that won't live his life to the fullest because he's afraid to put himself out there.
In the context of the episode around Eric's passing - Is there a more appropriate sentiment??
Very sweet!#LivinglikeEric....

notarose wrote:
This is truly beautiful.  
Such a poignant approach to living one's life.  We likely all know people who cannot completely let go of their past heartbreaks and use what other people made them feel as an excuse to not be open hearted with someone new. True love is not about protecting your own heart; it's about giving your heart to someone else to protect for you... and you, in turn, are responsible for theirs.
Such depth!
Love that one circle is now complete.  How strong is Nick?  He fell in love with Andi on a tv show while having to not only deal with other guys showmancing his girl but having to also deal with them questioning his integrity. Under these circumstances, he was the first and last rose.  Like a string of pearls with roses on either end, the clasp is now secured.
 seeing hearts (get outta here NR.laugh out loud.you are such gifted with words!  heartbeat )

MY TAKE: That being said, i really believe the Eric Effect have played important role in Andi's final decision and... in TPTB's decision. Like i have posted, looks like Eric's passing made her to re-focus on whats important in life and how she view things, including what she has with Nick. Which is real and truly once in a life time experience and chance. I believe from way back, going to DR, she already set her mind who her F1 was (Nick)..that explained the type of date Nick got..and the unnecessity to keep the other guys around any longer --re: Chris's sent home before FS.  As for TPTB's part, Eric's death has also been the wake up call for them to showcase the Love Story that has been hidden for so long duh.

Im glad that we all get to see both Nick's personal edit soften and the LS is in full force,  on epi.8 and 9. On epi 8 Andi only said she saw the future with the one and only Nick (not shown in the other 3 guys) directly to both his sisters and the camera. On epi 9, it iterated in the intro package where she clearly said : she can see herself with Nick staying in love, and growing old together  awwww (Note that she only used more 'generic' terms for Josh and Chris). Never before, TPTB also has 'allowed' such powerful VOs (once in a life time type of stuff, he sees my heart, my mind, my soul) and PIs for us to savor.  yes. All of these are dedicated to Eric, for great love he has represented and for the one he missed during his life time. In this sense, I also believe unlike past seasons, TPTB will give more freedom for Andi to put her Great Love story with Nick front and centre in the end, to be memorable for a life time. Among others will be : Nick as the only and the last man standing at the FRC (both have been foreshadowed in prev episodes). :yes: . We shall see!  cheerleader

To top that, i also believe wholeheartedly--as suggest by NR--that TIME has been main focused in Nian relationship (the sign of 'time' has been all over their LS edit). In the essence, they knew they cant control when the 'time' (to leave this world) come. So as they talked on their first date, its only the matter of decision. we chose to be together, NOT with anyone else and we'll work it out no matter what..so, why later?...... Isnt it soooo real and romantic?  awwww IMO a wedding aka in Nick's term 'impending danger' in the horizon.  :uptonogood


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When it all started ... Ep 3 Transcript

Post by MVMom39forever on Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:13 pm

^^^Yes Mura ... you said it all along! Thank you for helping us see the light.

Nick fans have different theories on the season but one thing that many of us ... and our numbers are growing! ... have thought is that Andi fell hard & fell early for Nick ... and vice versa. I transcribed key parts of their very special ep 3 date and encourage you to go watch it on the video thread as this really did start it all (Mura is so right!). What dawned on me is that Nick & Andi's habit of seeking out dark, private places such as those passionate tree scenes in Brussels and DR, all began in ep 3 and was initiated by Andi!

Enjoy ... ( btw ... I highlighted possibly my very favorite moment of the season to date in red! So genuine OF NICK... )


N -All of my closest core group of friends are married.
A -Why are you not ... to be completely honest ...you’re  smart, good looking, humble and genuine ...  how are you still single?

(discussion on being engaged ...)

N-If that didn’t happen and I didn’t meet her and have that immature relationship than I might not have learned that about myself. I might still think that I am cooler than I am right now.
A - (chuckles) ...
A - I like the fact that you sit there and talk about it because it makes me think that now he realizes that he is going to be cautious about it, but that’s the reason why. And, it makes a lot of sense.I am glad that you are being more open. I was a little nervous about whether or not you’d be open.

N- I feel very fortunate about my past. I always try to learn from those things. This “craziness” kind of lends to the possibility of falling in love with the idea of someone rather than really falling in love with them. So while that is definitely a concern of mine, again, if this could work with someone ... I feel fortunate enough to have lived through that and I will know whether it is or not.
A – (smiling, nodding)

N -I just think the idea that there is one person for everyone is actually quite unromantic. Cause when  you think about it ... well, we’re together because we’re “supposed” to be together ... what is that? On the flip side, I know it sounds unromantic at first, but I’d like to think that I am going to meet someone and we both say, like, “we don’t want to find anyone else. We know we could. And, we don’t want to.”
A- Yeah (body language ... leaning forward towards Nick)

N- We want to, like, make it work and cherish that. And have ...(hand gestures)...  we know this is precious and we’re going to put in the work and when it get really hard, we’ll be like ... you know ... we could find someone else ... but I don’t want to.
A – Yeah (nodding)
N –To me ... that’s romantic.

Andi VO ... Nick and I definitely have a lot in common. A lot. Kind of like in a philosophical sense the way we view things and he gets it. He is very aware of what’s going on around him. And very aware of what he wants. And, it’s very obvious to me that I have a connection with Nick.

A – (reaching for rose) This thing has been sitting here. I don’t know if you’ve noticed.
N – Umm, I was more looking at you.
A – Awww...

A – Obviously there is a rose on this date and it’s interesting looking at the rose and looking at you. You were the first rose that I gave out at the very beginning of this. And the more I talk to you and the more time I spend with you, I just realize that I think ... slowly I am going to make you kind of a believer in all this ...

N – (ITM) Getting the rose here means I can stay. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like us two crazy kids might have a shot at this type of stuff. In some ways I thought it might be possible but it’s been extraordinarily surprising that so far it’s gone as easy as it has.


Next scene ... Andi in her ITM is talking about how this is “real life” with Nick.

A – (ITM) ... This is like real life ... a guy gets you flowers. And it’s so funny how something so simple and normal can feel like such an extravagant change.

(While she is talking, we see her find Nick in the kitchen ... which looks to be relatively empty ... lead Nick to another empty room with the flowers and a love seat ... and, rather than having a seat, she leads  him through what appears to be ... yet again ... an empty hallway. She grabs him by the arm and takes him to an area out front that is dark/poorly lit and ... I am guessing ... is finally private enough for her to have time with Nick away from other guys. And as already noted up thread ... before Nick can take his jacket off, she leans into him and does the same tight squeeze with both arms around his neck for a kiss and hug.)

A- They’re so pretty
N- You’re pretty.
A – Thank you (voice soft, almost little girl like. She swings Nick around so his back is facing camera.)

N-It’s good to see you.
A-It’s good to see you too.

N – I just want to somehow make like this whole unnatural experience ... natural. And I just wanted to ...
A – So that’s natural? (pointing down at the flowers LILIES!)

N – I wanted to do something that I would otherwise normally do for you.
A – Awww ... they’re beautiful

N- I had a really good time and I just want to let you know
A – Thank you (voice soft, almost little girl like)
N – I kind of miss you
A – Good (... think she said that as they both chuckled while kissing)

A – I am making you a believer, huh ...


[color=#993333]ETA: Actually Nick, you made us all believers! Thank you ...[/color]

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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by harts5 on Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:04 pm

ok....here I am...harts5...native Atlantan...gone for 16 years and came back to this incredible city 10 years ago with my family...So...I have always been a bach/ette fan..but of course this season was going to be extra exciting due to the fact that the lead was an asst DA from Atlanta...right? Well...first off, I was a little skeptical when she turned on the attitude to JP...does anyone else think that? Sorry....but as a southern lady, she could have acted strong, but a little less ...ummm...,well, you know the word I'm looking for....but coming into this season, I was loving that I had a girl to cheer for from Hotlanta! As the season went on, there were several instances that really made me question watching her "realness" down to HOW SHE HELD THE ROSES up I front of her DURING THE ROSE CEREMONIES)...did Anyone else notice that????? if not, go back and watch! Long and short, she is so fake it makes my skin crawl and I am so embarrassed as an Atlanta girl to claim her from here. I was both a Nick and Josh fan all seaon..think they both seem like great guys who truly cared about her...
But I would NEVER blame Nick for saying what he said on the ATFR...HELLO....she wouldn't talk to him before...what the heck was he supposed to do...I am truly dumbfounded with the ignorance that people have in calling Nick the "bad guy"...oh...probably ALL of those people who have never said anything out of hurt from a breakup...oh...yea..all of you..(no one)...I get that the whole bach/ette thing is fast forward/accelerated, etc...but I look back at my fav, Des, and see how gracious, kind, emotional..she was...towards the guys that she broke up with...I just am soooo disappointed. Josh...have fun...


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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

Post by happygolucky on Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:17 pm

HART ... Nick's fan thread is moved in another discussion forum, so scroll under
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Re: Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

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Nick Viall - Bachelorette 10 *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - CLUES - NO DISCUSSION

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