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: Nick Viall Bachelorette 10 - *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - Discussion - Thread #8

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It's not a good look either way

Post by sjcaligurl on Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:16 pm

@SueSt wrote:
@isittrue wrote:I just saw in a CH tv guide interview where he implied that Andi was focused on Josh from the start and that the producers had to encourage her to test other connections.  So I guess it always was Josh from day 1 so IMO it makes her look worse for leading Nick on and sleeping with him.  

Sorry I do not believe this - at all.  It's face-saving time.  Just like she said when Josh proposed - "it was you from day one".  Trying to re-write history.  

Not going to get me on this one.  Andi was all Nick, all in up to their LCD... then I saw a change.  Wish for the life of me, I knew why..

But you are correct, it does make her look worse...

That's when I saw a change too but I think that's when she was finally convinced she could trust her heart to Josh. Once he asked her father for her hand, I think it was sealed in her mind. Before that, she was "scared." I think she focused on keeping Nick in her pocket in case the doubts about Josh got the best of her. My biggest issue is her saying that she was never in love with him, treating him so coldly and acting like what they had meant nothing. She acted like Brad did in both of of his ATFRs (w/Jenny, DeAnna and Shantal). I don't know if she lacks an empathy gene or if she's just been so hardened by her criminal prosecution work that she learned how to put on a cold exterior in a difficult situation but I don't believe she had no feelings for Nick. If she didn't, she lied to his entire family (including his baby sister). And that whole sleeping with him thing ... not saying she couldn't get her swerve on if she wanted but to turn around a week later saying something isn't right and she can't go through with anything was kind of out of left field. She was blaming him over analyzing everything but isn't that what she did with her relationship with Josh? She kept second guessing everything.

If it was Josh all along then she did a superb acting job even drawing his family in - which is awful. If she did have feelings for him, she is now lying on herself and to every one else now - which won't bode well for her in the long run. If she didn't have any real feelings for him and it was Josh all along, it begs a very valid question. Why did she 'make love' with him? She definitely went on and on about how passionate her relationship was with Nick so I don't think anyone should be shocked that she slept with him. She was the one always talking about how "hot" they were together. She certainly seemed all in with regards to that.

Josh may have filled her head w/a lot of ideas too but he'd only do that to make sure she cut all ties with him. I accidentally saw the spoiler early on so knew the outcome so I wasn't really invested in any of the guys. I just hate that it played out like this and that Andi turned out to be such a pill. I've never disliked a Bachelorette before even though they may not have been my favorite or who I would have selected for the show. I really don't like the way she behaved in the end or at the ATFR.

I think Nick definitely is cut from a different cloth and needs a woman with more depth and similar values about intimacy and love. I'm glad she ended up with someone who is totally her 'type.'


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Re: : Nick Viall Bachelorette 10 - *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - Discussion - Thread #8

Post by sdmom on Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:17 pm

@emad0722 wrote:http://m.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/bachelorettes-andi-dorfman-slut-fox-news-bob-beckel-2014307


hahaha. You reap what you sow. Take the consequence. That's the lesson I've been teaching my kids.

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Re: : Nick Viall Bachelorette 10 - *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - Discussion - Thread #8

Post by happygolucky on Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:17 pm

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Re: : Nick Viall Bachelorette 10 - *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - Discussion - Thread #8

Post by Kashathediva on Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:18 pm

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Re: : Nick Viall Bachelorette 10 - *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - Discussion - Thread #8

Post by notarose on Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:19 pm

Would people mind moving the pics and vids from today into the new link once it is created?

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Re: : Nick Viall Bachelorette 10 - *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - Discussion - Thread #8

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: Nick Viall Bachelorette 10 - *Fan Forum* - *Spoilers* - Discussion - Thread #8

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