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Sean & Catherine Lowe - Fan Forum Rules & Posting Guidelines - Please Read

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Sean & Catherine Lowe - Fan Forum Rules & Posting Guidelines - Please Read

Post by lipsis on Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:25 pm

Fan Forums were created for fans of contestants. The purpose is to post positive information and opinions without any negative content.

This is a Fan Forum for Sean and Catherine Lowe. Anything negative said about them in this Forum will be deleted. In addition, there are no negative posts allowed in ANY other Fan Forum.

The conversation must be on topic. Refer to the topic title and ensure you are posting in relation to the topic. Any conversations that sway from the topic will be deleted.

When in a Fan Forum, under no circumstances can comparisons be made with any other couple or contestant from any forum, for the sole purpose of praising your favourite or belittling the contestants in the topic title.

Fan forum discussions are to remain in the Fan forum. If you would like to discuss the conversation in the General Discussion thread, you must ask the poster for permission.

Please do not discuss any negative posts that are taking place in General Discussion threads that relate to the topic in the Fan thread.

Please refer to Computer Etiquette here:

Proper Computing

Rules here.


All Categories that are Fan related have the words Fan Forum.

All Categories that are General Discussion are named General Discussion.

Thank you.

"Where would you see us in like five years? What would our lives be like?" ~ Sean Lowe
"We would obviously be married, I hope. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a kid involved in five years." "And we would be happy!" ~ Catherine (Giudici) Lowe

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Sean & Catherine Lowe - Fan Forum Rules & Posting Guidelines - Please Read

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