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Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by mnmhughes on Tue 19 Jul - 21:15

Ben's HTD Commentary:

This is the park where we used to have all of my sister’s birthday parties.
The Benziger family winery.
Those are some of our pinot and cabernet barrels.
It was sunny all day until we got to the house. So much rain this season!
I was pretty nervous actually, and super jet lagged!
My sister’s nickname is Nanda. She calls me Nando.
I don’t think I pronounced that correctly. =(
This town is amazingly beautiful!
My sister has the best laugh!
I need to stop playing with my hair…and get a trim.
I’ve been arguing with my mom about my hair for about 10 years now.
My sister and I hate that photo.
My mom was so nervous, but did such a great job being herself!
Thanks, mom! =)
This part was really tough for me; I didn’t want to say goodbye.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by emusha on Tue 19 Jul - 21:18

Some of Ames' HTD commentary:

I missed Ashley and was so excited to be back with her. We'd only been apart a few days. But it felt like too long.
I knew my family would love Ashley as much as I did. Ashley's such a great woman in so many ways. I was so excited to make her part of my family
My sister can immediately see I've fallen for Ashley.
My sister's right: I'm completely smitten with Ashley. I'm over-the-moon excited that Ashley's here meeting my family.
I was so excited when I first learned Ashley was The Bachelorette! Ashley's brilliant, beautiful, and a lot of fun. Everything anyone could ask for.
Unfortunately, both my father and my stepfather passed away. Both were great men and taught me how to be a good father and--one day--a caring husband. And they also taught me how to cook
One thing I love about Ashley and me is we're both totally excited about creating a new wonderful romantic life together. With Ashley, I feel like anything's possible.
I took my relationship with Ashley slow because I want this to be special and to last forever
Ashley's so wonderful and our relationship feels like it's moving in a great direction. I'm so excited for our future together.
I also took my relationship with Ashley slow because I want to enjoy every moment, every step of the way with her.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Wed 20 Jul - 2:58

ABC Stands as Most-Watched Net on Monday

Some early info on ABC Monday, ahead of the regular press release.

ABC's Monday line-up of The Bachelorette and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition drew 7.1 million viewers and a 2.2 rating, 6 share in Adults 18-49. Topping Fox by 1.4 million viewers, ABC ranked No. 1 in Total Viewers for the 2nd week in a row, standing as the most-watched network on the night in 17 of the last 18 weeks.

At 8pm, ABC's The Bachelorette won its time period for its 8th straight regular telecast in Total Viewers, while taking 2nd in Adults 18-49. The ABC program outdrew Fox's unscripted line-up (season premiere of Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef) by 2.0 million viewers.

The Bachelorette ranked as Monday's #1 TV show in Total Viewers, qualifying as Monday's most-watched show overall for its 7th consecutive regular telecast.

Read more: Ratings - ABC Stands as Most-Watched Net on Monday | TheFutonCritic.com http://www.thefutoncritic.com/ratings/2011/07/19/abc-stands-as-most-watched-net-on-monday-193005/20110719abc01/#ixzz1ScdfrsvH

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Wed 20 Jul - 16:40


Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 6:02 PM ET

The Bachelorette: secrets of the proposal

Bachelorette-blast-photoa.jpgAs this season of Bachelorette nears an end, three men remain: JP, Ben F. and Constantine. But only one will win Ashley Hebert's heart--and now, Life & Style can reveal exclusive details of that magical moment when the man of Ashley's dreams proposed!

Filmed on the secluded shore of Fiji at the Vomo Island Resort, Ashley was wearing a long sequined pale-pink gown surrounded by tropical flowers, as the winner proposed with a stunning modern-style 3.5-carat Neil Lane diamond ring. With tears in her eyes, Ashley said yes!

Unlike past seasons, in the months since the proposal, Ashley and her fiancé have been seeing each other and it's keeping their relationship going strong. "The producers have finally realized that keeping the couples apart is contributing to the quick dissolution of the relationships," an insider tells Life & Style. "So they're trying a different tactic with these two and letting them see each other more in the hopes they'll stay together for the long run." So far the plan is working. In fact, Ashley's already scoping out places to live in her fiancé's city. "She's been talking about moving to where her fiancé lives in the next couple of months," a friend tells Life & Style.

And Ashley's fiancé feels the same way. A pal says that the winning Bachelor has been ecstatic since returning home from Fiji. "He always has a smile on his face," raves the friend. "I asked him what it was like being on The Bachelorette, and he grinned and said, 'It changed my life.'"

Check out behind-the-scenes photos from The Bachelorette filming in Fiji and learn more about the proposal in the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now in New York and nationwide Friday.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Wed 20 Jul - 16:41


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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Wed 20 Jul - 17:55

@cfck2222 wrote:Your first vicarious take on this week's new tabloids handwave I always rather people read these for themselves because you never know if there are clues that I missed.

Life & Style's got the most coverage: large pictures of JP (paparazzi pic from New York) and Ashley (I think from her Taiwan date with Ben F?) that are kind of photoshopped to make it look like they're together on the cover. Small inset blurry picture of her with Ben F in the MTP/LCD date type scene also on the cover. There's text about how happy Ashley is and there's also a line that JP tells her he loves her.

Inside: Not a whole lot of details about the proposal, just that Ashley was nervous waiting for her F1 and when he did propose, she said yes with tears in her eyes and jumped into his arms. They don't say who F1 is.

They say unlike Bremily, Ashley and her F1 are very happy together since filming ended. The article says the producers have learned their lesson from Bremily and are letting Ashley and her F1 see each other more often in the hopes they'll last (my editorial note is I thought Bremily saw each other much less often than other lead-F1 couples?). An unnamed source says Ashley's broken the rules and actually worn her engagement ring to UPenn Dental sometimes even though she's not allowed to reveal the outcome? This might be useful for sleuthing if we get screencaps of the guys looking at rings: the ring is described as a flawless diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. 3.5 karat if Life & Style's even accurate. Life & Style also says a "friend" of the F1 says he's always smiling lately and when he's asked about the B'ette show he says he's really happy.

The article also says that unlike Emily, Ashley's ready to move for her man. Ashley is allegedly already looking into places she can be a dentist in "his city" - they definitely said city and the article says she will move there in a couple months.

There are 3 paparazzi pictures of Ashley with Ben F and 2 of them are kind of blurry. The best quality one also shows a cameraman filming their 20 minute walk on the beach. One caption says an onlooker says Ben F looked like he had a lot on his mind during the date (my editorial note: he seems like a thoughtful guy and he always looks like he has a lot on his mind!). I didn't see any revealing pictures.

The Life & Style article also has a tiny little bit about Ryan's return and quotes RS as saying he was probably told coming back would increase his chances of being the next Bachelor.

In Touch has another buzzkill speculative article. Basically says JP will leave Ashley even though they're together now, spending time together since filming ended, and are rumored to be engaged. It talks about Ashley showing on TV how insecure she is and the article asks who would want to date that Rolling Eyes and says JP won't because he likes confident, energetic people. There's even part of the story that says the high school version of Ashley would have appealed to JP but not the version that's had her heart broken by Brad and Bent Rolling Eyes Also says JP is a player and not ready to settle down according to an anonymous insider. No wonder Ashley called out In Touch as full of crap. IMO this is just standard tabloid punishment for doing exclusive publicity with a competing tabloid. Editing to add: The In Touch article says JP has never been in a serious relationship which has already been established as false.

Star and OK have a CL/Peyton blurb and Emily story respectively that I'll post about in their threads Smile

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Pattycake92 on Thu 21 Jul - 1:37

Monday night, The Bachelorette 2011 fans watched Ashley Hebert travel across the country on her hometown dates. Scottsdale fans loved Ashley and JP Rosenbaum’s hometown date in Roslyn, NY, and have been buzzing about it ever since. JP has been the frontrunner on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2011 since the night this season premiered, and the anticipation is building that there is a very happy ending in store for Ashley and JP. Fans loved Monday’s hometown date, and over the last couple of days, fans are swooning over “Mama Rosenbaum’s” lasagna almost as much as they swoon over JP himself!

Gossip guru Reality Steve is known not only for his spoilers of the show, but for his snarky recaps as well. Steve pegged JP Rosenbaum as the show’s winner back at the beginning of June, and fans have been anxiously watching to see if he got it right from the get-go this season. Even without the spoilers, fans have been behind Rosenbaum since “Team Cupcake” came to be, and now there are just two more episodes before viewers will see if they are indeed engaged. Tuesday morning, Reality Steve addressed the naysayers who worry about the editing or doubt that Steve got the final rose scoop right this year. He wrote:

“Mama Rosenbaum, if I promise to send JP and Ashley a wedding gift, can I get some homemade lasagna in return. Hey, for those that are wondering, it’s a standing offer to anyone couple that ends up getting married from this show. If they get married, I get them a wedding gift.”

According to a source close to the family, Mama Rosenbaum will be making more of her signature lasagna and Steve just might be getting his chance to try it out. Though fans won’t get to see it for themselves until August 1, insiders say this couple is very much still in love and plans for the future are in the works.

In fact, the insider shares that Mama Rosenbaum’s lasagna is a childhood favorite of JP’s, and Ashley quickly became a fan as well. Apparently the family knew JP was smitten when producers called Ilene and told her JP and Ashley were headed to Roslyn, and JP had requested the lasagna be on the menu. From the sounds of it, Mama Rosenbaum makes a mean pie as well, and one or both may have snuck into a doggy bag to head back to the hotel with Ashley.


During Monday’s show, JP indicated he was ready to be done with the show and start real life with Ashley. Since the finale was taped in late April/early May, fans can only imagine how anxious the lovebirds are to quit hiding and share their happy ending. The tabloid stories are out in full force, but insiders share that fans will get their happy ending on this season of The Bachelorette.

Are you still rooting for “Team Cupcake”? What did you like best about Monday’s hometown date episode? Fans would love to see not only a successful pair and wedding come out of this season of The Bachelorette, but would love to hear about Reality Steve’s wedding gift and lasagna-eating escapade as well! The overnight dates for The Bachelorette will be shown next Monday, July 25, and the “Men Tell All” special airs Sunday, July 31. The big finale that fans have been waiting for will air Monday, August 1. Tune in to channel 15 in the Scottsdale area to see how the rest of the season of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2011 develops.


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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by MaggieMae on Thu 21 Jul - 11:28

Bachelorette's Ashley: Why I Know JP's The Right Guy for Me

US Magazine Online
Tuesday – July 19, 2011 – 9:49am

The Bachelorette's JP Rosenbaum has yet to tell Ashley Hebert he loves her, but that didn't stop the 26-year-old Hebert from falling absolutely head over heels for him during Monday's hometown date episode.

PHOTOS: Which Bachelor stars have found love after the show?

During his portion of the episode, Rosenbaum -- competing against Ben Flajnik, Ames Brown and Constantine Tzortzis -- took Hebert to his hometown of Roslyn, N.Y. to meet his parents, brother and his brother's girlfriend. Before dinner, the couple enjoyed alone time at a roller rink, where Hebert couldn't contain her feelings. "I feel like I'm back in 7th grade!" she gushed as the pair made out under a disco ball in true "couples' skate" style before toasting each other with wine in paper cups.

PHOTOS: See what Ashley looked like in high school

"I feel like I've known JP forever," Hebert enthused of the 34-year-old construction manager. "I'm so comfortable around him. I hope he'll stay in that moment and know what I feel for him is so real." Still, the smitten bachelorette continued to play it safe until she met his parents, telling the cameras she wanted to make sure their connection was mutual.

Explaining to Hebert that his last relationship ended in severe heartbreak, Rosenbaum admitted he's "100%" sure of their bond. In fact, he told his mom he'd propose on the spot if the moment was right. Cautiously optimistic, Mrs. Rosenbaum offered her stamp of approval, telling Hebert that she better take care of her son. "I'm so scared that his heart will be broken because he looks at you with love in his eyes," she told Hebert.

VIDEO: Ashley confronts bad-boy suitor Bentley

As Rosenbaum opened up to his family about the new love of his life ("I want her to pick me now," he told his brother), he was finally more forward with Hebert about his feelings.

"I'm on such a high when I'm with you, and then when I'm without you, it's miserable," he told her. "I don't want to be without you. I've accepted the fact that at the end if this, if I get heartbroken, at least I can say I gave it my all. I'm willing to risk it all to fall in love."

NEWS: Find out how much Ashley was paid for her Bachelorette stint

On next week's final three episode -- with eliminated bachelor Brown sadly out of the picture -- Rosenbaum, Flajnik and Tzortzis will travel with Hebert to Fiji for overnight dates.

Tell Us: Should Ashley pick JP in the end?

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Shelby on Thu 21 Jul - 17:58


Jesse Csincsak of 'The Bachelorette' feelings on Reality Steve

If you follow 'The Bachelorette' alumni on Twitter, you will have noticed that Jesse Csincsak is not a fan of finding out spoilers for this season with Ashley Hebert. He likes to watch the show play out and decide who he thinks she will pick on his own. Many other alumni from the show feel the same way. Trista Sutter has tweeted several times asking fans not to share spoilers with her.

Reality Steve tweeted earlier this week about it. This is what he had to say:

For those asking, Jesse Csincsak hates me, so I expect him to spew nonsense. Not worth my time to retaliate. Makes absolutely no sense

The guy has always had a hard on for my site and what I do. Don't know why it bothers him so much. I get spoilers he doesn't. Get over it.

Today I spoke with Jesse about his feelings on the matter. Jesse told me that he has no problem with Reality Steve other than the fact that he has no firsthand knowledge about the show. Jesse has never been to his website, but keeps hearing spoilers because people post them on his Twitter wall from Reality Steve's site. Jesse also said:

"If Reality Steve was really smart, he would go to ABC and ask them to pay him a huge sum of money to keep his mouth shut and stop spoiling the show."

Jesse has no hatred towards Steve, but just simply does not want to know the end of the show. Fans should respect this and not share it on his wall or with author alumni of the show unless they ask to see it.

'The Bachelorette' airs in the Oklahoma City area on Mondays at 7:00 pm CST. You can watch Jesse on 'The Bachelorette Beatdown' on rtvzone.com or follow him on Twitter.
Jesse CsincsakJesse Csincsak


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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Thu 21 Jul - 18:23


Reality Steve teases ABC's 'The Bachelorette' 2011 fans about a shocker to come

With the finale of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2011 less than two weeks away, Scottsdale fans are dying to see how things turn out for Ashley Hebert. Gossip guru Reality Steve has been sharing his inside intel with fans throughout the season, and he swore he got the details completely accurate this time. He has his critics and doubters to be sure, especially after last season when he said Chantal O’Brien was the winner until almost the last minute. Thursday morning Reality Steve posted a tweet that has everybody speculating and many are worried they won’t get the happy ending they expected.

Fans will not know until Friday morning what it is that Reality Steve is referring to in his tweet, but Twitter and Facebook are exploding with theories. Thursday morning, Reality Steve posted this to his Twitter page:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. It happened again? Another repeat of last season. Oh boy. Details coming tomorrow…

Of course everybody’s first thought is that he is referring to the Emily/Chantal mistake. He swore Chantal was The Bachelor Brad Womack’s final pick until about a week before the finale, when he got new information that disclosed Emily Maynard was Brad’s chosen lady. All season, Steve has been insistent that he did NOT get the ending wrong this season, though he declined to give specific reasons why he is so sure. Reality Steve has had an incredible track record of getting every detail throughout the past few seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad correct, and his only stumbling spot has been in nailing the final ending accurately as early as he spoils the rest of the season.

What fans should remember, however, is that above all else, Reality Steve loves to get under people’s skin. Back when he was starting to leak the Bachelor Pad 2 cast, Steve tweeted a post that teased that Emily was going to be on Bachelor Pad and he was shocked. People went crazy, and it didn’t take long for him to clarify that at the time it looked like Emily Harkins would be on Bachelor Pad 2, but he admitted he loved getting everyone riled up into thinking it was Emily Maynard. So, the most obvious answer to Thursday’s tweet may not be the right answer. In fact, it really could go either way.

What clues or ideas can fans pick up on from Steve’s tweet? He has since confirmed on Twitter that he is referring to something happening again that happened last season on The Bachelor with Brad Womack.

Here are some of the possibilities people have thought of that does not tinker with the idea of JP Rosenbaum winning Ashley’s final rose:

Ben Flajnik is already seriously dating someone, just like Chantal was by the time the “After the Final Rose” special aired.
Ashley and JP have already broken up once, but are back together.
An ex-girlfriend of JP’s is talking to the tabloids, like Brad’s ex did.
It is NOT that Ashley lets Ben go early like Ali did to Chris Lambton.
Something having to do with the overnight dates that air on Monday.
Something related to Ryan Park returning, though it’s hard to see what that would tie into with Brad’s season.
The “Men Tell All” special tapes this weekend, so perhaps it is related to that.
Maybe ABC will have the successful franchise couples appear on the “After the Final Rose” special like they did with Emily and Brad. Chris Harrison recently interviewed Ali and Roberto, but it appears via Twitter that Ali will be in Los Angeles this weekend, and she is asking Molly Mesnick if she will be there too.


It certainly could also be that the most obvious answer is the right one: Reality Steve once again got bad information early in the season, but he is correctly it shortly before the finale airs. Could Ashley Hebert really choose Ben Flajnik at the end of this season of The Bachelorette 2011? The fans are rooting for Ashley and JP Rosenbaum to be the final pair, and most signs certainly seem to point in that direction. What ideas do you have about what Reality Steve could be referring to in his tweet?

The overnight dates for The Bachelorette will be shown Monday, July 25 and the “Men Tell All” special airs Sunday, July 31. The big finale that fans have been waiting for will air Monday, August 1. Will there be a proposal? Will fans get their happy ending? Tune in to channel 15 in the Scottsdale area to see how the rest of the season of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2011 develops.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Pattycake92 on Fri 22 Jul - 2:58


Ben Flajnik, 28, is opening his heart on "The Bachelorette," while Heather Pond, 26, is tapping into her adventurous side on NBC's "Love in the Wild." Both shows are part of the summer television line-up and both Flajnik and Pond seem in it to win it, making it through round after round of eliminations.

For those out of the reality TV loop, "The Bachelorette" is the hit ABC show in which one beautiful woman searches for the man of her dreams from a pool of 24 single men, narrowing the field by eliminating one guy each week until she has her sweetheart. Flajnik is one of three men still standing, with the finale set to air Monday, Aug. 1, at 8 p.m.

"Love in the Wild" is a new offering in the NBC summer line-up that combines romance and adventure. Ten single men and 10 single women are sent to a resort in Costa Rica where they are paired up to compete in challenges during the day, such as building rafts and navigating crocodile-infested waters, while they spend their nights making romantic connections. Each show ends with a "Couples Choice Ceremony," in which participants decide if they want to stick it out another day with their partner or look for love with someone else. The odd man and woman no one selects are sent packing. It's "Survivor" meets "Temptation Island" but no one has to eat bugs, at least not yet. The show airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. 

On Monday's episode of "The Bachelorette," America got a glimpse of Sonoma when Flajnik brought Ashley Hebert home to meet his mom and sister at their East Side home and sample what life might be like if she selects the local winemaker. Flajnik operates Evolve Winery with his partners and longtime friends Mike Benziger and Danny Fay, sourcing grapes from all over Northern California and producing the wines at Glen Ellen's Benziger Family Winery.

He took Hebert to Benziger to sample wine and enjoy a picnic that included cheese from Vella Cheese Company and bread from Basque Boulangerie. In the first episode of the show, Flajnik gave Hebert a bottle of Evolve's 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, which just earned a rating of 89 points from Wine Spectator.

"She really liked it," Flajnik said, adding that since the show began airing, sales of all Evolve wines, specifically the sauvignon blanc, have increased dramatically. "We have a good problem of trying to meet the demand."

Benziger added that while sales in California have been strong, their national and even international sales have blossomed. "We've always made great wines and it's always sold well, but it's nice to have that national exposure," he said. "Now our website is inundated with orders from all over the place."

While the show has been good for business, Flajnik said that's not why he did it. His sister signed him up for consideration online, and he went along with the audition process more out of amusement than anything, agreeing to countless interviews and screen tests, not to mention drug, blood and STD testing.

"I never really thought they'd pick me," he said. But the rugged winemaker with rock star hair had the perfect mix of charisma and sincerity that made not just producers, but America, fall for his charm. Throngs of female fans share their desires on the show's fan page, and many are already hoping that if Hebert doesn't pick Flajnik, he will return as the heartthrob on the next season of "The Bachelor." When asked if he'd consider returning to reality TV, this time as the leading man with 24 hopefuls vying for his attention, he laughed it off with an, "I don't know."

He said the experience has been "therapeutic," allowing him to tap into the emotional side he had all but shutdown after his father passed away. He explained that the show provided an avenue for him to explore his feelings, not just about love, but about the person he wants to be.

"After talking through it all day, every day, I got clarity," he said. "I feel like I really kind of found myself." 

For Pond, a PR rep in San Francisco, she saw "Love in the Wild" as a chance to have an escapade while also possibly meeting some cute guys.

"I heard it was an adventure dating show and you'll get to go somewhere exotic, so it was a pretty easy decision," said the striking brunette beauty.

She said her boss put her up to auditioning in San Francisco and she and a friend went "as a joke. I didn't think it was really going to happen until I got my plane ticket to Costa Rica," she added.

Pond was initially paired up with a not-so-likely match named (coincidentally) Ben, who quickly established himself as the hot-head of the show, known for screaming at his partners during the challenges and generally being abrasive. Pond said her first impression was not great, especially when she found out she would have to share a bed with whomever she was partnered, something she was not told in advance.

"I was completely shocked, I thought 'Oh boy, my family is going to love this,'" she laughed, adding that she opted to sleep with a pillow between her and Ben the first night. "He was really offended by that."

Serendipity struck during the first Couples Choice Ceremony when Heather selected Minnesotan Miles to be her partner, and the pair developed quick chemistry that viewers have also fallen in love with, made obvious when the duo took first place in the cutest couple contest on the show's fan page. During their first challenge together, Miles demonstrated his compassion by talking Pond, who's afraid of heights, over a rickety bridge high in the mountains. Later he surprised her with a private picnic and viewers could easily conclude that, if these two stick together, they could make it to the end. 

When asked what the best part of the experience was, Pond coyly said, "You might want to ask me that later, when I can talk about more than the first few episodes," perhaps implying that her time with Miles lead to more than just a reality TV romance.

The worst part of the experience? "Definitely the bat cave," she said, referring to a dark cave filled with flapping bats that contestants had to make their way through.

Both Pond and Flajnik said after filming wrapped, their lives pretty much went back to normal, but acknowledged that they do get recognized from time to time. "It doesn't feel any different, I just take a few more pictures," Flajnik said.

Both live in San Francisco, but make frequent trips home. Flajnik to tend his business at Benziger and Pond to fill her sweet tooth. "I go home 'cause I need my chocolate fix," she laughed, adding that her parents, Heidi and Steve Pond, own the popular Plaza sweet shop, The Chocolate Cow.

When asked if it was really possible to find love in the confines of a reality show, with omnipresent cameras and producers pulling the strings, both Pond and Flajnik adamantly said "yes." Cut off from real life distractions, including television and the Internet, they said their shows provided a pathway to really get to know someone and have time to reflect what that person means to you. "It encourages your feelings and your emotions," Flajnik said.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Fri 22 Jul - 4:11

‘Bachelorette’ Visits Hot Skates in Lynbrook

By Amanda Ostuni on July 21st, 2011

Hot Skates (Picture from: www.hotskates.com)

Ashley Hebert, the star of this season’s “The Bachelorette,” has traveled to many places in her quest to discover which of the shows’ 25 contestants could give her the happiest future. She and her suitors have journeyed from Hollywood and Vegas to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and now Long Island.

Hebert’s journey brought her to Long Island when Roslyn native, J.P. Rosenbaum, brought her home to meet the family. And as part of his special surprise for the reality show star, Rosenbaum took Hebert to Hot Skates in Lynbrook–one of his favorite skating rinks growing up.


The episode of the couple goofing off in the skating rink aired Monday as the bachelorette visited the hometowns of the four remaining contestants on the show. After having several birthday parties at the popular rink he decided to bring Hebert to Hot Skates to make a new memory.

Luckily, for his family and friends cheering him on in Roslyn, Rosenbaum was handed a rose by the girl whose heart he’s trying to win over.

The general manager of Hot Skates, Art Freedland, explained that the show filmed on Easter Sunday, when the rink was normally closed to the public, so the episode didn’t end up interfering with the rink’s regular business.

Screenshot from ABC.com

The show’s crew, of about eight people worked, with Freedland to help coordinate everything to create a warm, romantic scene for the couple’s date. Though Rosenbaum and the crew planned out the date, the rest was spontaneous and real, said Freedland, who added that the Bachelorette was surprised when she walked into the rink.

“I didn’t even know JP was who he was,” Freedland told the Press, “until I saw him come in with Ashley.” However, from what Freedland heard the crew say, and what he observed while he was working the lights, he believes they seemed very genuine. “Whether or not it’s love, only they know, but they were very affectionate,” he added. “And from what I could see, they had a great time.”

Freedland can’t be to off in his assessment because during the date the two exchanged heartfelt words of adoration and Rosenbaum did, after all, receive a rose to remain a contender on the show.

Only Hebert knowns why she decided to keep Rosenbaum around, but Freedland believes skating can really put a smile on people’s face. “You can make any place as romantic if you can create the right mood,” he explained. “But I think skating conjures up memories of your youth when you were carefree.” He said the nostalgia and youthfulness people can get from skating helps set a mood. And having a disco ball in the middle of a rink isn’t a bad feature either.

Couple at Hot Skates (screenshot from ABC.com)

These features have made Hot Skates no stranger to the public eye. The rink has had a number of experiences in front of cameras. “We work well with other crews, we’re a large facility with a great open space…plenty of room for dancing and we can create a theatrical atmosphere,” Freedland explained.

Hot Skates has appeared in an episode of “Me or the Dog,” the MTV show “Made,” and NBC’s “LX New York.” It was even featured in the music video of a Latin singer, Prince Royce, when he did a remake of the famous song, “Stand By Me.”

The rink was also the scene of various photo shoots, most notably one for VS Magazine which featured Drew Barrymore, Ellen Paige, Zoe Bell and Juliette Lewis. “We’re glad to be a landmark facility to this day,” Freedland said, “and we are looking forward to hosting more events in the future.”

With all the experiences Hot Skates has had in the spotlight, fulfilling the confidentiality part of the contract between the Bachelorette and the skate rink was not a problem for the rink’s staff. No news was leaked, so there were no screaming fans waiting outside the rink as the couple walked in from Merrick Rd. in Lynbrook.

“The Bachelorette” returns Monday and Rosenbaum’s friends can cheer him on as he tries to find love with the attractive girl from Maine who seeks happiness that only one man can give her.

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