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Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by mnmhughes on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:15 pm

Ben's HTD Commentary:

This is the park where we used to have all of my sister’s birthday parties.
The Benziger family winery.
Those are some of our pinot and cabernet barrels.
It was sunny all day until we got to the house. So much rain this season!
I was pretty nervous actually, and super jet lagged!
My sister’s nickname is Nanda. She calls me Nando.
I don’t think I pronounced that correctly. =(
This town is amazingly beautiful!
My sister has the best laugh!
I need to stop playing with my hair…and get a trim.
I’ve been arguing with my mom about my hair for about 10 years now.
My sister and I hate that photo.
My mom was so nervous, but did such a great job being herself!
Thanks, mom! =)
This part was really tough for me; I didn’t want to say goodbye.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by mnmhughes on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:14 pm

JP's HTD Commentary:

Home sweet home!
I hadn’t seen Ashley in 10 days and didn’t want to let her go!
I didn’t care either … as long as we were together!
Was Ashley even born when this song came out?
Perfect timing in the song for that kiss!
She was definitely a better skater, obviously!
100% was the understatement of the year!
No risk, no reward!
That tree blooms for like a week every year. Perfect timing!
Challenge: My mom’s lasagna vs. anyone else’s! No contest!
Mom didn’t waste any time with that one!
Go easy on her Mom! =)
Jealous rage over…. I promise!
Except death and taxes…
A lesson learned from … dare I say…. Bentley.
I am VERY happy Mom!
I hope you’re right, Mom!
I cannot believe she brought that out! I’m never going to hear the end of it!
Is that what my hair would look like now?
I didn’t want to let her go or ever say goodbye! =(

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by cupcakes on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:40 pm

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by ryvetted on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:16 pm

Ashley Spivey's funny blog this week:
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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:56 pm

Thank you cupcakes!

Today's News: Our Take

Bachelorette's Chris Harrison Says Bumps are Ahead for J.P. and Ashley

Robyn Ross

Jul 19, 2011 03:14 PM ET

While J.P. may seem like the front-runner on The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison says that bumps are ahead for him and Ashley. In this week's chat with Harrison, he dissects each of the dates, talks about Ames' upcoming stint on Bachelor Pad, and hints that next week one of the guys may not choose to forgo their individual room to stay with Ashley in the fantasy suite.

On Constantine's date, his mom asked Ashley right away if she'd relocate for him.
Harrison: I thought it was very direct and a very motherly thing to do, [but] I think it was a little bit of a reality check for Ashley that if she chose him she'd be living in Cumming, Ga. I think it really started to set in this week that what it comes down to in the end is that not only do you have to choose a great guy, but you choose that life.

What did you think of Ames' date?
Harrison: It was like The Great Gatsby, all of a suddenly they're under a magnolia tree and then cut to a carriage ride along the river. It was very Victorian.

He spouts the best lines like, "It's the best when the ordinary is extraordinary."
Harrison: If anybody else talked like that, you would be laughed out of the room, but for some reason it really fits Ames.

Were you surprised that his sister questioned Ashley if she really had feelings for him?
Harrison: I think his sister could tell [she didn't] and maybe has seen that before and was leery of it. I also liked what Ashley had to say. She was very honest that other relationships have moved further and faster, but she wasn't ready to say goodbye to him yet.

I'm excited he's on Bachelor Pad, but I hope he doesn't get eaten alive!
Harrison: He doesn't get eaten alive. I think Ames is going to steal a few more hearts with how he performs and how he acts and handles himself. He is fantastic.

Ben's date was much more intense than the others.
Harrison: That was very cathartic and therapeutic. I think he was saying some feelings out loud about his dad [dying] for the first time and the conversation he had with his mom was very healing. I feel like we got a look inside someone's soul. It was so intimate at times I was like: Should we even be listening to this? But there were some things we didn't show. They shopped in the market for some of the picnic items before they went into his vineyard, they tasted some of his wines and goofed around. We didn't show some of the more lighthearted moments because we felt what was really impactful and what moved people about the date was the stuff about his dad.

How adorable was J.P.'s date?
Harrison: Right now if you had to rank them, you'd start with J.P. ... but I will say the exotic dates really change that. There are some bumpy roads ahead for J.P. and Ashley. I don't know the whole story [about his ex], but apparently he was devastated. For your mom to say, "I don't want to see you like that again," he must've been a mess. I think you saw Ashley a bit taken back about how serious he was with the last girlfriend and that put some question marks in Ashley's mind. I don't think J.P. is completely ready to let go yet and all of that really comes to a head next week.

What else can you preview about the fantasy dates?
Harrison: It doesn't go as smooth and orchestrated as it always does. She has a visitor come back next week [Spoiler Alert: It's Ryan] which really doesn't throw her for a loop; it's almost a positive visit. But with the three guys she has left, things aren't quite as smooth. By the end of next week, the order of who's on top will change.

But I'm assuming everyone chooses to "forgo their individual rooms."
Harrison: Maybe not. The fantasy suite card may not work for all three.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by anders on Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:03 pm

Bachelorette's Ashley: Why I Know JP's The Right Guy for Me

The Bachelorette's JP Rosenbaum has yet to tell Ashley Hebert he loves her, but that didn't stop the 26-year-old Hebert from falling absolutely head over heels for him during Monday's hometown date episode.

During his portion of the episode, Rosenbaum -- competing against Ben Flajnik, Ames Brown and Constantine Tzortzis -- took Hebert to his hometown of Roslyn, N.Y. to meet his parents, brother and his brother's girlfriend. Before dinner, the couple enjoyed alone time at a roller rink, where Hebert couldn't contain her feelings. "I feel like I'm back in 7th grade!" she gushed as the pair made out under a disco ball in true "couples' skate" style before toasting each other with wine in paper cups.

"I feel like I've known JP forever," Hebert enthused of the 34-year-old construction manager. "I'm so comfortable around him. I hope he'll stay in that moment and know what I feel for him is so real." Still, the smitten bachelorette continued to play it safe until she met his parents, telling the cameras she wanted to make sure their connection was mutual.

Explaining to Hebert that his last relationship ended in severe heartbreak, Rosenbaum admitted he's "100%" sure of their bond. In fact, he told his mom he'd propose on the spot if the moment was right. Cautiously optimistic, Mrs. Rosenbaum offered her stamp of approval, telling Hebert that she better take care of her son. "I'm so scared that his heart will be broken because he looks at you with love in his eyes," she told Hebert.

As Rosenbaum opened up to his family about the new love of his life ("I want her to pick me now," he told his brother), he was finally more forward with Hebert about his feelings.

"I'm on such a high when I'm with you, and then when I'm without you, it's miserable," he told her. "I don't want to be without you. I've accepted the fact that at the end if this, if I get heartbroken, at least I can say I gave it my all. I'm willing to risk it all to fall in love."

On next week's final three episode -- with eliminated bachelor Brown sadly out of the picture -- Rosenbaum, Flajnik and Tzortzis will travel with Hebert to Fiji for overnight dates.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:38 pm

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Hint! Do We Already Know Who Ashley Hebert Chooses on The Bachelorette?

We just got an “obvious” alert. Ashley Hebert, the dancing dentist still finishing her degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, recently spoke with Philly.com about her Bachelorette experience.

There are a lot of nice hints in the interview, especially when she mentions how she’s being almost too transparent about which bachelor she prefers.

"I don't know that I have made a good Bachelorette,” Ashley says. “In a way, I think I'm too honest. If I'm not into somebody, I have a hard time faking it and I think in this environment, you have to be able to do that sometimes."

Ashley thinks we should all be able to tell which guy she wants by now. "I knew where my heart was from very early on," she continues. "I wanted to give every guy a chance but by the time of the hometown dates, I was probably 95 percent sure."

Can’t fake it? Early on? All signs point to JP Rosenbaum, right? The only other option seems to be Ben Flajnik...

However, Ashley reminds Philly.com that she could go ahead and choose no one, a la Brad Womack 1.0. But whatever the outcome, Ashley’s final decision has made her happy. "Absolutely," she says. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Another hint in the story comes when Ashley talks about dealing with the paparazzi and tabloids. "Before all this, when I would read magazines like In Touch, I would assume the stories had a little truth to them," Ashley reveals. "Now I know they're completely inaccurate."

In Touch is the rag that said Ashley had slept with Bentley Williams while on the show. They also claimed JP is kind of a jerk in real life. So is Ashley defending JP, the way he defended her in his video on the official Bachelor site?

There’s also the hint Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted about last week. He said there was a revealing clue to the eventual outcome in last week’s Season 7, Episode 7. Many fans pointed to the fact that JP wore a traditional black tux and Ashley a white wedding gown while taking wedding photos. Was that the hint?

Could it really be that obvious that Ashley is the future Mrs. Cupcake?

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by bing2262 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:57 pm

I just read this article on Episode 7 posted at JU. The writer's comment on Ben after his 1-1 date is interesting... could be good topic of discussion.

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The Bachelorette Review: True Colors
July 15, 2011 by Lauren Tyree
Filed under Television

We’re seven weeks in, and there are six men remaining on The Bachelorette. Taiwan is the latest “absolutely beautiful” place in Ashley’s travelogue of love, and she’s feeling optimistic about her chances. Skipping along the streets of Taipei, Ashley tells us that she’s looking for a week of clarity, during which she can discern which of the contestants has “the whole package.” Our fair lady assures us that she will only visit the homes of gentlemen who share a “mental and physical connection” with her. Cupid had better have his travel documents in order; by the end of this episode, two men will be on their way home following three roseless one-on-ones and a group date. Suddenly, the end is nigh.

Constantine wins the first solo date this time around, joining Ashley on a steam locomotive into a tiny village called Pingxi. They hold hands and flirt while sizing each other up. Ashley tells us that her relationship with Constantine has been moving more slowly than with the other guys, but she wants to be patient. Constantine wonders if they’ll be able to relax and enjoy themselves; he’s still evaluating her usefulness as a mate, but he doesn’t want to allow his apparent disinterest to get in the way of the romance. They arrive at their destination, where a lantern festival fills the streets with locals. Ashley and her date pick out lanterns on which they write their wishes in the hopes that they come true when the lanterns are released into the sky. It looks like a beautiful tradition, and Constantine seems gracious about being immersed in the culture of the village. The downside is that the two lovebirds, as they scrawl what Ash refers to as “love wishes” on the lanterns, are really more like platonic lab partners at the moment.

By the time they sit down for a meal, Constantine seems to have softened a bit. His talking heads let us know that he’s still auditioning Ashley for the role of “wife,” but he shows just enough attraction to hook her. The handsome guy sits and describes his family, telling his companion that she shouldn’t feel anxious, as the brood is “big and loud but not intimidating.” Ashley likes what she hears, complimenting him for being himself and “not trying to convince” her to like him. It appears to me that Constantine may just be more level-headed than the other men; all he can do is expose Ashley to his real personality and hope there’s some potential for a connection. It’s honest, reasonable, and wise, leading me to wonder what he’s doing on this particular show. When Ash asks him if he thinks it could work between them, Constantine replies that it will if he falls in love, though you can’t force it. He makes it clear that he wants a hometown date, as meeting his family would give Ashley more insight into his character. Their date ends as all of the collected lanternsare set free into the deep blue night, lit up with yellow flames above their heads. Ashley and Constantine kiss very stiffly while the bachelorette voiceovers that she feels like they had a “big breakthrough” today. Constantine tells us that he’s excited and can’t wait to take Ashley home, adding that he’s never been happier. Since the audio is so clearly chopped and spliced, I can’t claim that his last statement had anything to do with this scene. You never can tell.

Winemaker Ben is next up for a one-on-one, which begins on a moped with Ashley holding on for dear life. They drive on a treacherous road, next to massive cliffs and rocks, taking sharp turns and racing toward their destination. Ashley should be grateful and relieved that Ben just happens to be comfortable on an old moped chugging along several miles above ground level, because surprising him with one was a big gamble. They finally get off and walk along a rickety bridge in the sky, somewhere near Taroko Gorge, kissing and holding each other in the breeze. It looks pretty peaceful. Ben lets us know that he’s genuinely happy, and that holding Ashley “feels right.” He admits to being in the process of falling in love but claims that he’s not ready to tell her yet. At dinner, Ashley’s eyes light up when Ben promises more of his custom wine at his upcoming hometown date. She loves his confidence as he describes how much his mother and sister will like seeing them together. After the baiting, Ben divulges that he’s “on the teetering point” of “strong-than-like” feelings for her. He swears that he doesn’t usually throw “the L-Bomb” around casually, but he really wants her to come home to Sonoma with him. Then he taps his watch and says, “Time’s running out, and I really wanna win this thing!” I’m kidding, of course, but I’d like someone to do that just once on this show. Ashley would probably applaud his honesty. Anyway, the two kiss some more as Ashley’s disembodied voice says, “I feel like he’s my boyfriend!,” so I guess they decided to skip the whole honeymoon phase and resign themselves to the bland, nonthreatening relationship simulation game they’ve constructed out of boredom and slight mutual attraction. Fair enough.

Back at the guys’ quarters, it’s the morning after, and Ben is nowhere to be found. The men are waking up and chatting in the kitchen while J.P. sits alone on a couch in the next room, silently planning Ben’s “accidental” death in a nearby river. He can’t bear the thought of Ben on an overnight date with Ashley, and the other guys are peeved, as well. When the man of the hour finally walks in with luggage and a huge smile, the tension only grows thicker. When confronted with prying questions from his competitors (“Did you two do any physical activities?”), Ben is vague and evasive (“Not any that I wanna talk about.”). I think it tacky and rude of him, and he doesn’t admit that they didn’t share a bedroom until asked directly. It’s annoying and makes me question his character. He’d have had no problem with the guys assuming he’d slept with Ashley. Their discomfort was palpable; J.P. had to leave the room soon after Ben entered, and everyone naturally feared the worst. Ben could have made it a point to be a gentleman, but he chose not to.
Ashley rounds up Ames, Lucas, and J.P. for their group date- a wedding photo session complete with costumes and professional lighting and backdrops. J.P. is already whining about having to go on a group date at all. In his mind, he and Ash are already a couple, and these other guys are in the way. I think there must be more to their bond than we’ve been permitted to see. He doesn’t seem irrational or insecure enough to be this jealous early on unless he were sure of his relationship with Ashley. I think he’s the clear front-runner, so he shouldn’t worry so much. The guys all don their costumes; J.P.’s spirits are lifted when he ends up wearing the classic black tuxedo, as Ames is stuck in a ridiculous, sparkly, ruffle-y, pastel suit (which J.P. thinks makes him look like a cross between an ostrich and Elton John), and Lucas wears the traditional Chinese silk robe, long like a dress and in vibrant yellow. Lucas tells the camera that J.P. would have thrown “a fit” if he’d had an ugly costume, since he acts like a 15 year-old when he’s upset. That doesn’t sound too healthy, but I’m sure the jealousy would really impress Ashley. J.P.’s confidence runs out when he has to watch his beloved take photos with each of the other two men in turn, kissing Lucas on the mouth as a part of the shoot. When it’s finally J.P.’s chance to make an impression on her, he can’t be bothered to smile for the photos or act entertained by the activity at all. Even Ames and Lucas see, from the sidelines, that the shoot isn’t going well. I can understand J.P. hating group dates and resenting having to participate in them, but he needs to straighten up, stop being a baby, and be a good sport. I hope he’s just nervous and acting out, because if this is a trend, he’ll be a miserable husband.

Ashley takes her three men to a private location for dinner, where their wedding photos from earlier in the day have already been framed and put on the walls. Everyone is in low spirits, and Ashley sympathizes with them, reminding us that she was once in their position, and she knows how much they need to relax at this point. She sits down with Lucas for a talk. He hesitantly lets her in on the fact that he is a traditional guy, and it didn’t feel good to see her taking wedding photos with other men. Ashley asks him if it’ll be hard to get married a second time, and he essentially replies that he does want to have kids, and she seems like she’d do as a wife. I’m liking him less each week. Ames takes Lucas’ place next to Ashley and shows her a stack of old photos of him and his family. She’s charmed by it, giggling and calling him “unique.” She does not want him in the way that she wants the other men; she just doesn’t have the heart to let him down yet.

J.P. has his moment with Ashley at long last, and he opens up immediately, telling her that although he understands the harsh rules of the game, he doesn’t want to play it sometimes. He hated watching Ben come home from a sleepover, he tells her, and it was no picnic watching Lucas make out with her on their group date. He defends his jealous streak as reasonable under the circumstances, prompting Ashley to ask him if he gets into fights with his competition. He reassures her that he doesn’t, but not before the faintest glimmer of hope crosses Ashley’s face, which is meant to look stern and concerned. She wants him to fight for her, to claim her and scare the other men off, but she can’t accept her own masochistic desire. I hope this one happens to be a truly good guy, because I like how much they like each other. I’m not a total scrooge, after all.

When J.P. has laid all of his cards on the table and told Ashley that he feels for her now and can no longer be cool as a cucumber like he was before, she goes to retrieve the date rose for him. She gushes that she wants to meet his family “so bad,” and he grins sexily while accepting his prize. The other men welcome the pair back to the communal space, cheering J.P. on with clapping and insincere congratulations. The cameras stop rolling, but I’m sure the drinks flowed freely for hours more.

Finally, we’ve reached the moment we’ve been patiently awaiting for what seems like forever. It’s the one-on-one between Ryan and Ashley, and I must say that it delivers. Oh, does it deliver. You couldn’t write this stuff. Ashley bounces toward her doom, oblivious to the disaster ahead, as her voiceover informs us that she likes Ryan, that he makes her feel special, and she doesn’t care what anyone else says about him. They link up in a park somewhere and walk around. Ryan seems stranger and more phony by the second, with a plastered-on smile and an over-eager demeanor that borders on willfully inconsiderate. He tells her how excited he is, in case she missed all of the outward signs. They wander into a temple, where people are kneeling in orderly lines, chanting and praying. I’m surprised Ryan doesn’t insert himself into the proceedings and make the whole thing about him somehow, but they manage to get out without creating a scene. Next, they visit a statue of a “matchmaking god,” in front of whom Ashley and Ryan throw bricks to decide their fate. Ryan’s bricks don’t land as they’re supposed to, despite his silent wish for confirmation on their relationship. He says he’s still optimistic. Nothing can stop him.

Ash and her date sit and talk under the sun as Ryan sports a creepy grin while peering into her soul and asking with firm resolve for a hometown date. Ashley’s comments to the camera are that she’s actually not ready to meet his family, and that she doesn’t think their relationship is at the right place for that. Ryan’s voiceovers reveal that he’s “on cloud nine…cloud ten!” They have a picnic next to a gorgeous pond, and Ryan still can’t see just how lukewarm Ashley is. He’s so delusional that he’ll never make the right assumptions about her, so she sits sort of quietly, accepting that fact as he prattles on. He asks her how responsible she is about environmental issues, because he thinks they’re at the point where he can make her feel the need to impress him. He’s wrong. She laughs and tells a self-deprecating story about a boyfriend who once dumped her for throwing a plastic water bottle into the garbage instead of recycling it. She’s not knowledgeable, she argues, but she’s happy for “people like” Ryan who seem to care. She doesn’t bother, because she doesn’t like him anymore, but he can’t see it yet, and so he prattles still.

Ryan starts a somewhat interesting lecture about water heaters and the importance of going “tankless.” I’m quite interested to hear more, but Ashley is fed up and can see right through him by this point, so we get sound bytes from her while he talks in the background. She doesn’t feel enough passion for him, she reveals, and she is obviously unable to keep pretending. As I cringe and turn away, Ryan tells Ashley that he can’t wait for his family to meet and hug her. She just can’t listen anymore, so she gives the speech. Look, Ryan, you’re a great person, I gave you the very first ‘first impression’ rose, and you’re the perfect guy in my head, but I’m not feeling anything for you. That is the gist of her explanation, but he still doesn’t get it. “You don’t want to meet my family?,” he asks, doing his best impression of an abused puppy dog. His manipulation doesn’t work, though he’s attempting his most disappointed face, trying mightily to guilt and shame her until she questions her stance. It doesn’t work; I can tell she doesn’t want to bear him any longer, as the water heater conversation did nothing to undo the creepiness of his intensity. She walks him out, since she doesn’t want to put him through the rose ceremony unnecessarily. When he’s gone, she tells us that she’s not confident that she did the right thing, since the look in Ryan’s eyes made her question herself for a second. Ashley, you did the right thing.

For the next several minutes, we get to watch Ryan give the performance of his life- groaning and complaining about how he doesn’t want to be alone- standing in front of the camera after Ashley leaves. He sits down and hyperventilates and then gets back up again, walks through some bushes and trees, tries to produce some genuine tears, stomps around like a petulant child, and generally acts like a worthless tool. I can’t imagine how the other men lived with him for so long, and I apologize for ever doubting their judgment.
The remaining men head into the cocktail party, all dressed up and ready to make their last efforts with Ashley. Ames says that everyone is keenly aware of how serious this is and that anyone who leaves tonight will be heartbroken. Meanwhile, Ashley is telling Chris Harrison that her mind is made up, and she doesn’t require any cocktail party. I like when she cuts to the chase, even though I have my doubts about the role of the producers in all of this. Just as Lucas is in the middle of telling the guys that he’s thankful for this opportunity for one more cocktail party so that he can win Ashley over again, Chris enters to tell them that there will be no such opportunity this time. Ashley explains to viewers that she’s simply ready to return home to the United States, that she can’t wait to meet her guys’ families. I can see how weary she is.

Ashley dramatically and somberly hands out roses to Constantine, and then Ben, before pausing behind the final reveal. Lucas and Ames wish each other luck, which seems silly. Ames makes it through, meaning Lucas is out of the running. He says goodbye to Ashley while calling her “sweetheart” several times and acting like a gentleman upon his exit, unlike someone else I could mention. Ashley says she felt like she’d known Lucas a long time, though there wasn’t enough of a romantic connection. No matter, though. Next week is hometown dates, and it should be an experience, to be sure.

I should mention that this episode ended with a lengthy segment featuring a sit-down between Chris Harrison and Emily Maynard- ex-fiance of Brad Womack. It’s an incredibly sad and unfortunate situation, as Emily cries throughout and sticks up for Brad while refusing to say anything awful about him, even though his narcissism and asshattery seem to be the reasons for their breakup. Emily dodged a bullet when she separated from Brad, and I’m hoping that she and her poor daughter can move on from this without too much ridiculous publicity on top of what’s already happened. .[b]

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by ryvetted on Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:18 am

Sister surprises Ben by nominating him:
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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:25 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:Can someone do a recap of what 10 questions she answered in the new video interview. That way people who can not view it will know what she said. Thanks.

Below is a recap:

1) What qualities do you look for in a guy? Honesty, royalty. Somebody genuine and sincere.
2) What physical attributes do you check out first? Overall sense of what I feel about a person. I also like someone with a shaved hair or long hair.
3) Who is your biggest teenage crush? Jonathan Taylor Thomas
4) Worst pick-up line that you ever gotten? I do not think anyone has ever used a pick-up line on me...that's good.
5) This band's music put me in a romantic mood. The Script
6) If you get a couple cocktail iin a date... Start laughing alot...ha ha ha
7) If you choose your own first name, what would it be? Lilly
Cool When was your first kiss? How old were you? 14 or 15 years old at a friend's birthday party.
9) Who is your favorite pro athlete? I do not even watch sports.
10) Your biggest turnoff in a guy? Someone cocky. Arrogance is the worst
11) Kepping good relationship alive takes..... Good sex...ha ha ha
12) Your phobias? Probably flying.
13) If you were going to propose to a guy in Philadelphia, where would you take him? Probably Waterworks...it is so beautiful there.
14) What is your best dental hygiene advise? Floss. Just do it. Saves you alot of money in the future.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

Post by Love_Me on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:12 am

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Posted on Sun, Jul. 17, 2011

A sadder Bachelorette

Ashley Hebert, Penn dental student, has taken a drilling as the reality show's sensitive single. She says she's more secure than people think.

Not many dental students are hounded by paparazzi. Then there's Ashley Hebert.

"They wait outside my apartment for when I leave in the morning and they wait outside school for when I go home," says the petite 26-year-old, who has almost completed her degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

Hebert has become a tabloid obsession because of her emotional turn as the queen bee on the current season of The Bachelorette (Mondays, 8 p.m., 6ABC).

There are countless stories purporting to reveal the results of her agonizing on-air pursuit of Mr. Right.

"Before all this, when I would read magazines like In Touch, I would assume the stories had a little truth to them," she says. "Now I know they're completely inaccurate."

Her TV experiences this year, first as one of the semifinalists on The Bachelor, now as the rose-dispenser on the seventh season of The Bachelorette, have taken a toll on the small-town girl from northernmost Maine.

"On the show you'll see me trusting everybody," she says. "That's always been my default position. Now I feel like I'm jaded. I think I've learned a lot about people, but it's kind of a sad thing."

It's an intensely muggy morning in Philadelphia as Hebert sits outside a cafe across from the Penn campus. She has changed her hair to a far darker tint than the honeyed auburn you see on TV.

Every few minutes, a passerby will do a double take, then whip out a cellphone and begin excitedly texting friends. ("You're not going to believe who I'm looking at.")

When you're America's Wounded Sweetheart, it's hard to fly under the radar.

The season, which finished taping two months ago, now seems headed for a satisfying climax. On Monday's episode, Hebert will travel for dates in the hometowns of the four remaining suitors. In the case of Ames, a native of Chadds Ford, that means a carriage ride along the Brandywine.

But Hebert's image still hasn't quite recovered from the show's turbulent start. There was her blind devotion to Bentley, an utter cad who was callously toying with her emotions just to get camera time.

Then there was the disastrous episode in which the men were asked to "roast" Ashley at a comedy club.

That resulted in nasty insult jokes like "You're actually the first girl I've ever dated with a smaller chest than me" and "I thought I was signing up to be with Emily or Chantal, and then Ashley is here."

Hebert's emotional responses to those public humiliations made her an Internet dartboard, a blog bog.

"She has the lowest self-esteem. My girlfriend says it's lower than a floor mat," says Melissa Locker, a recapper for the Television Without Pity website. "I mean she's an Ivy Leaguer with a professional career. She teaches Jazzercise. She should have self-esteem coming out of her ears. Instead, she's on the phone crying about guys who treated her badly."

Others criticize her passivity.

"Ashley wants to please the producers, but in the back of her head, she's not standing behind her decisions," says Jesse Csincsak, the winner of The Bachelorette's fourth season. "You're seeing two different sides - what the producers want and then her doubting her decisions."

Hebert finds those perceptions offensive.

"Despite what people believe, I'm actually pretty secure in myself," she says.

One of her biggest supporters is Chris Harrison, host of the Bachelor/ette franchise.

"She's an intelligent, witty, very bright professional woman with great charisma and charm," he says.

"I think up until now she's been unfairly judged because of Bentley and some other events. I've seen this happen before with Ali [Fedotowsky, of Season 6]."

He seems to be saying Hebert isn't a pushover; she's just edited to look that way.

"Look, it's not a documentary," Harrison says. "It's an entertainment show, first and foremost. There's a fine line of being overly salacious and sensational."

Hebert frets that her image has been distorted.

"There's a lot of good things happening too," she says. "You don't see much of that. You only see what sucks people in."

So what drew her into the hall of mirrors that is reality TV?

"Everyone said I'd be perfect" for The Bachelor, she says. "I'd been single for four years because I was so focused on school.

"A friend called me and said, 'They're going to be casting in Philly on Tuesday and you're going.' I figured, 'What the heck? I don't have anything going on that night.' "

Being part of Brad Womack's harem was enjoyable.

"I had a more playful mentality on The Bachelor because I was like, 'If it doesn't work out, fine; if it does work out, fine.'

"Being on The Bachelorette, the pressure is all on you to make everyone happy. You go through so much that you really want something to be there at the end."

Hebert concedes she has mishandled the Sadie Hawkins role at times.

"I don't know that I have made a good Bachelorette. In a way, I think I'm too honest. If I'm not into somebody, I have a hard time faking it and I think in this environment, you have to be able to do that sometimes."

In fact, Hebert feels she is so transparent that viewers should already be able to tell what her ultimate decision will be.

"I knew where my heart was from very early on," she says. "I wanted to give every guy a chance but by the time of the hometown dates, I was probably 95 percent sure."

The online Bachelorette oracles are predicting that her choice will come down to Ben F. or J.P. But Hebert pointedly holds out a third option: She could emulate Season 3's Jennifer Schefft and choose no one.

Whatever it is, has her final choice (the finale airs Aug. 1) made her happy?

"Absolutely," she says emphatically. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

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ABC's 'The Bachelorette' 2011 - get to know JP Rosenbaum's familyStacy Carey, Scottsdale TV Examiner 07/16/2011 1:08 AM

Monday night, fans of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2011 will watch Ashley Hebert head to the hometowns of her four suitors. Scottsdale fans have been anxious to learn more about JP Rosenbaum, and Monday’s episode will be an excellent opportunity. Viewers know that JP grew up in New York and still lives there, but until now they haven’t discovered much else about his family. Here is a bit more about the Rosenbaum family for Ashley and JP fans:

JP Rosenbaum’s parents are named Peter and Ilene, and they are still married. JP has one slightly older brother named Roy. An insider shares that JP and Roy are extremely close. The family home is in Roslyn, NY, a village on the north shore of Long Island. The Roslyn area has several notable current/former residents including Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton, baseball player Darryl Strawberry, and Dr. Judith Steinberg, wife of Howard Dean, among others. Peter is a retired real estate developer. An interest in real estate and construction runs in the family, as JP’s brother Roy works in real estate as well, and of course fans know that JP is in construction management . Roy has an MS in real estate finance from NYU and works with a prominent real estate investment firm in the New York City area. It sounds like JP has great role models for lasting love in his family, as an insider shares that JP’s brother Roy has “his love of all loves” Andrea by his side in Monday’s episode. Previews show that JP and Ashley go roller skating on their hometown date. Why roller skating? An inside source shares that it’s an activity both brothers did frequently while growing up. Apparently JP played league roller hockey, and his brother Roy is a skater as well.
The Rosenbaum family is said to be very close and loving. Viewers have also picked up that the family appears to have an excellent sense of humor. Monday’s preview shows that Ilene brings out a picture of JP (fans think it may be a Bar Mitzvah picture) that has everybody in the family cracking up, including Ashley. Fans cannot wait to see more in Monday night’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2011. Will Ashley and JP Rosenbaum give dedicated fans a happy ending this season? That’s what many viewers think and hope, as JP and Ashley’s chemistry and connection has been building through the season. The Bachelorette episodes can be seen Monday nights at 7 p.m. on Channel 15 in the Scottsdale area. You can also watch The Bachelorette online at ABC.com the day after the show airs.

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Re: Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

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Bachelorette 7 Media - No Discussion

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