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Fantasy Dates - Screencaps - Discussion

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Re: Fantasy Dates - Screencaps - Discussion

Post by CarrieA on Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:52 pm

richlp wrote:
If you sit on the floor and lean your head back you can pour it into your mouth right out of the box in the fridge...

Rich, you are the funniest poster I have ever met! Please don't ever change. You better be around next season because if Mr. Sunshine is our man I will so be looking forward to your contributions to the snarkfestivities!

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Re: Fantasy Dates - Screencaps - Discussion

Post by umngirl on Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:55 pm

@TNGirl wrote:
@albean99 wrote:
@Bhaka wrote:This is a silly observation of no consequence, but I've noticed that Ben always holds his wine class by the stem, whereas Ashley and JP always hold theirs at the cup. I was told years ago that the correct way to hold the glass when drinking white wine is by the stem. That's so the heat of your hand won't warm up the wine. Leave it to the winemaker to do it right!

I've trained myself to do it but still feel a bit klutzy and nervous I'll spill. :Nod:

I just drink mine straight out of the bottle. No spills, no dirty glasses, AND it saves time. wine

Straight from the bottle works. But if you're a classy college student like myself the wine comes straight out of a plastic SOLO cup.

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Fantasy Dates - Screencaps - Discussion

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