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Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by mercieme on Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:51 pm

Girls from Melbourne Profiled in the Herald
@Hearts_And_Roses wrote:Ooh first article about the girls... these are the girls from Melbourne...


Criminal lawyer Laura-Ann, medical receptionist Monica, model Lisa, brand manager and model Florence, office administrator Simone, wedding planner Sharlene and architecture student Leah are among the 22 women set to be wooed by Johnson, a Sydney-based marketing director.
@Bobette wrote:
The Bachelor Australia 2017: Melbourne ladies lust over Matty J

SEVEN lovelorn Victorian ladies will vie for the heart of Matty J Johnson on the new season of Channel Ten reality romance series The Bachelor.

Criminal lawyer Laura-Ann, medical receptionist Monica, model Lisa, brand manager and model Florence, office administrator Simone, wedding planner Sharlene and architecture student Leah are among the 22 women set to be wooed by Johnson, a Sydney-based marketing director.

Executive producer Hilary Innes said The Bachelor, which launches on Wednesday, was all about romance this season.

Victorian contestants taking part in the 2017 series of The Bachelor.
“Where it ended for him on The Bachelorette (being dumped by Georgia Love) is a big reason why we got a lot of great girls turning up on the casting tour, hoping it was him. We have a very romantic love story.”

Innes said the production had done rigorous checks into the background of each Bachelor participant. “We put them through a really rigorous casting procedure and that involves a number of interviews before they turn up for the casting tour and before we put them on tape,” she said. “We try to check out their backgrounds as much as we can, but if people want to keep things from you sometimes it is enormously difficult to uncover details if they want them to be kept secret. “We do mandatory medical, psychological and police checks, all those kinds of things. “You can’t know 100 percent people’s lives and backgrounds if they don’t want you to. “And there will always be one or two, bless them, that have pearls that come out at some point when you least expect them.”



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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by mercieme on Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:53 pm

OK Mag - Pre Season Profile on Matty
@Hearts_And_Roses wrote:Another new article...


Most of the article is same old - he wants someone ambitious, good soh, etc. But this bit is new...

While the Bachelorette alum is an expert at not giving anything away (damn!), he does share a few more pointers about his perfect partner.

“It would definitely be easier to meet someone from Sydney, but I wasn’t going to not fall for someone purely because logistics would make it difficult,” he teases.

And what about looks-wise, is the leading man a fan of blonde-haired beauties like Bach before him Richie Strahan?

“I don’t really have any preference,’ he admits. “I’ve had relationships in the past with blondes and brunettes, so it didn’t play a factor.”

Tricky! But like the charming gent he is, Matty doesn’t want to send us away empty handed.

"I know I’m drawn to someone very down to earth and more of a natural beauty," he laughs.


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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by mercieme on Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:56 pm

Girls from GC Profiled in the Courier Mail
@Hearts_And_Roses wrote:Queensland girls... http://www.couriermail.com.au/entertainment/confidential/the-bachelor-2017-meet-the-queensland-contestants/news-story/3bc458d127c7c33739c1a3fb45ca2d43

Gym instructor Stacey, 26, primary school teacher and rhythmic gymnastics coach Akoulina, 29, business owner and Sexpo MC Belinda, 34, mining industry worker Cobie, 30, and 27-year-old nanny Tara are among the 22 ladies looking for love on this season of the Channel 10 reality show, The Bachelor, which premieres on Wednesday night.

Townsville’s Stacey said she was compelled to take the plunge because living in Far North Queensland had limited her dating options.

“I’ve been pretty unlucky in love – there doesn’t seem to be much potential up there really so I just thought it’d be a really cool experience,” Stacey said.

Brisbane’s Cobie and Gold Coaster Akoulina both agreed they were keen to try something new and The Bachelor seemed like a good fit. “I thought maybe it would be a really unique way to meet somebody – I thought ‘I’m different and maybe this is just my way of meeting somebody’,” Cobie said.

(Can't access the photo in article, sorry, this is the best I could do)

Note, they're in different dresses than ep 1


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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by AllAboutLove on Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:54 pm

NSW girls

The Bachelor: Meet the Sydney bachelorette babes who are vying for Bondi boy Matty J
Karlie Rutherford, The Sunday Telegraph
July 22, 2017

GIVEN The Bachelor, Matty Johnson, is based in Bondi, these NSW Bachelorettes feel they have the home town advantage when it comes to winning his heart from the 22 contestants set to be revealed in Wednesday night’s series premiere.

Alix, Elizabeth, Elora, Jen and Laura are representing the Premier State while vying for he final rose from the buff 30-year-old marketing executive.

Bodypainter Alix, 24, believes she’s the perfect match for Johnson because she “can heckle opponent’s sporting teams, I enjoy pizza and beer and watching NFL”.

Elizabeth, 31, is a property executive and said: “I have definitely been in love before and while it didn’t work out, I definitely believe in love and that everybody has a one true love.”

Fitness trainer Elora, 27, already makes an impression on Johnson, with the Tahitian-born beauty photographed during production earlier this year on the first date of the season.

Like Johnson, Jennifer, 27, is a marketing manager and believes the reason she is single is because she’s “spent the time making sure I can be the best partner possible to somebody”.

Accessories designer and self-confessed “big flirt” Laura, 30, said she’s hoping Johnson can be a “best friend whose clothes you want to rip off”.

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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by mercieme on Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:05 am

@mercieme wrote:Credit to Poster @LeapofFaith Pics included in the article are the ones we already have here of the Victoria, NSW, GC and SA girls. Missing are the pics of the WA girls. Matty's pic with his surfboard was placed right after the synopsis of the WA girls, strategic placement or coincidence question

The Bachelor Australia: Meet the 22 Bachelorettes
THE 22 women who will compete for Matty J’s heart on the upcoming season of The Bachelor have been revealed.
The ladies, who range in age from 23 to 34, will attempt to woo 30-year-old Matty Johnson who appeared on season two of The Bachelorette.
The show has already been filmed and Matty J told news.com.au that his relationship with the winner is still going strong.
“I am very happy to say that I’ve found love — and that I’m very happy right now,” he said.
But the identity of the woman who captured his heart is unknown. Here are the Bachelorettes he had to choose from:
• Florence — 27 — Animal-loving Dutch-born Florence always dreamt of coming to Australia
and now that she is here, she is here to stay. Confident, with a heart of gold, Florence enjoys snowboarding, cycling, running in the woods, and swimming.
• Laura-Ann — 27 — Italian-Maltese Laura-Ann is opinionated, stubborn and can hold a good argument. The talkative criminal lawyer hates awkward silences and is known to give people her world if she falls for them.
• Leah — 24 — Tomboy country girl Leah is a ball of energy and says she is known as a force to be reckoned with. The 24-year-old loves any kind of adrenaline sport, horse riding, DIY and art. Quickly bored, the architecture student is never single for long and to keep her interest, a man requires passion and a sense of adventure.
• Lisa — 24 — Down to earth and self-proclaimed “legend” Lisa lives in the moment. The 24-year-old model loves getting outdoors and being active. Lisa believes love is about accepting each another for who you are. She is looking for a kind and funny partner who loves adventure, travelling and is “just a huge babe in general”.
• Monica — 26 — Independent “pocket rocket” Monica lives life to the extreme. From working in a slaughterhouse to spontaneously packing up her car and leaving town for a random adventure, she believes you will always land on your feet if you take a chance. The 26-year-old Townsville native has never experienced romance and is looking to find a partner who wants to lead a colourful life full of adventure.
• Sharlene — 26 — Determined and competitive, Sharlene loves to be active and her hobbies including Muay Thai boxing, jazz singing and performing in musicals. The wedding planner loves her career, but wishes in her personal life that she could stop being the “token single girl at the wedding”.
• Simone — 25 — Outgoing and bubbly, Simone is easy to talk to “but you may not get a word in”. The fun-loving English girl believes her heart is her best asset. She is looking for a tall and funny partner to take her for her perfect date, enjoying fish and chips on the beach.
• Alix — 24 — Body painter Alix enjoys great banter and says that she gives a good foot massage. The 24-year-old thrillseeker is highly competitive, loves a challenge and throws herself into any new experience. Her ideal man is tall, ambitious and family focused, with a fun outlook on life.
• Elizabeth — 31 — Outgoing, strong and brutally honest, Elizabeth loves fashion and getting dressed up, just as much as she enjoys watching rugby on the couch in her underwear. The 31-year-old is looking for her best mate, someone who she can have banter with, even in their old age when looks have faded.
• Elora — 27 — World traveller and wanderlust chaser, Elora is exotic, mysterious and ready to find her king to help build her empire. The outspoken personal trainer is looking for a disciplined gentleman with a wild heart, who can prove her wrong about love. The Tahitian-born Bachelorette’s perfect date is anywhere near the ocean, enjoying quality time and simple pleasures, while talking about life dreams.
• Jennifer — 27 — Self-assured and opinionated, Jennifer is a true character. The thrillseeking marketing manager loves water sports, dirt bikes, AFL and is confident she will at the very least, make the top four.
• Laura — 30 — A down-to-earth city girl with a gypsy heart, Laura is all about being authentic. The self-confessed “big flirt” has always been a free spirit but is now looking to find her one true love.
NSW contestantss: (L-R) Jennifer, Elora, Laura, Alix and Elizabeth. Picture: Tim Hunter.
NSW contestantss: (L-R) Jennifer, Elora, Laura, Alix and Elizabeth. Picture: Tim Hunter.Source:News Corp Australia
• Akoulina — 29 — Two-time Australian rhythmic gymnast champion Akoulina loves a good adventure. Immigrating from the Soviet Union at age five, she describes herself as a “breath of fresh air” whose trek to Mount Everest base camp helped shape the person she is today.
• Belinda — 34 — Love coach Belinda is passionate about romance and happiness. She enjoys transforming and healing couples’ relationships, but knows that in her own life she has been “waiting, not creating”. It is now time to focus on herself. The 34-year-old believes it is easy to fall in love, but whether you are compatible with that person is another thing altogether.
• Cobie — 30 — Excitable Cobie describes herself as a “unicorn in a girl’s body, a positive happy-go-lucky munchkin who is a bit weird and quirky”. The Queensland coal plant operator believes she has the best job in the world and is looking for someone with whom she can create memories.
• Stacey — 26 — Former 2015 Miss V8 Supercars Miss Personality recipient Stacey makes the most out of life and is passionate about being fit and healthy. The 26-yearold has had enough of rubbish relationships and is looking for someone who enjoys going on adventures, but who also makes her feel appreciated and cared for.
• Tara — 27 — Animated and confident, Tara is attracted to people with great personalities. Her friends describe her as “refreshing”, as she is always 100% herself. The 27-year-old nanny is a decent cook who loves her food and is “not afraid to voice her fire” if people are closed-minded.
Queensland Bachelor contestants: Stacey, Akoulina, Belinda, Cobie and Tara. Picture: Mark Cranitch.
Queensland Bachelor contestants: Stacey, Akoulina, Belinda, Cobie and Tara. Picture: Mark Cranitch.Source:News Corp Australia
• Elise — 29 — Adventure lover Elise prides herself on always aiming to be the best she can be. The former Australian hockey player loves water sports, training with friends and ran the New York Marathon last year.
• Sian — 23 — Opinionated, impatient and brutally honest, Sian wears the pants in a relationship. The 23-year-old is looking for a considerate older man with integrity, who is ready to explore the world with her. The retail assistant is happiest when she is sleeping, dancing or eating and loves nothing more than to make people laugh.
• Stephanie — 23 — Outrageous and sassy, Stephanie is an adrenaline junkie with a wild side. The gas and oil safety administrator lives by the mantra to live and learn, and she is looking for a man with a vibrant personality.
The ladies will battle it out for Matty J’s heart. Picture: @ten_insider/Instagram
The ladies will battle it out for Matty J’s heart. Picture: @ten_insider/InstagramSource:Instagram
• Michelle — 31 — Honest, caring and self-deprecating, Michelle appreciates the simple things that life has to offer. The 31-year-old is passionate about her job as a police officer but bad timing has meant she has not yet found her one true love.
• Natalie — 26 — Loud and eccentric, Natalie loves connecting with people but she does not suffer fools. This party-girl is happiest when out with a group of her friends, but is looking for that special someone.

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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by Bobette on Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:04 am


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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by GuardianAngel on Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:09 pm

@mercieme Thanks for all the info!

@Bobette Thanks for the vid! Have they ever introduced the contestants on live Facebook before? I don't remember that.

Osher went on and on at the end promoting the show.

RIP Sophie Little Girl  

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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by mercieme on Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:14 pm

@mercieme wrote:Photo up of the girls in their M&G premier episode dresses already released to the media; I am sure they will upload them to the Ten website at some point as well.

Buzzfeed - posted the pics of the girls alphabetically.

Daily Mail - posted the pics of the girls in a random order, Elise last followed by Matty's pic


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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by mercieme on Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:43 am

@mercieme wrote:Interesting that Matty talked about potential impact of backlash if the public does not like his F1, love also that he calls his girl "partner" already and that he's found love and would like to stay in marketing at least for now.

Matty J’s one big fear about becoming The Bachelor

TO MOST guys, being paid to go on adventure dates and hang out with two dozen attractive women sounds like the dream.
But for Matty J — who was dumped by Georgia Love on the finale of last season’s The Bachelorette — there was one big concern that kept plaguing him after he signed up to be the new Bachelor.
“I played out a lot of different scenarios of how this [show] could end for me,” he told news.com.au.
“Just because you are the Bachelor doesn’t safeguard you from getting your heart broken. There’s no guarantee that the person you fall in love with is going to love you back.”

The 30-year-old was also understandably rattled by the treatment of his predecessor, last season’s Bachelor Richie Strahan. The public outcry was swift and fierce when he chose Alex Nation over fan favourite Nikki Gogan in the finale, and Matty J is aware he’s possibly facing the same fate.“I think if I did have the same kind of backlash as Richie and Alex, it would be really difficult. It wouldn’t make me rethink my choice, it would just put a lot of added pressure on the relationship,” he said. “Especially because I’m not used to having a relationship in the public eye, and neither is my partner.” His partner. That’s right — Matty J, once very unlucky in love, has revealed he’s found The One. “I am very happy to say that I’ve found love — and that I’m very happy right now,” he gushed.

Given the career upgrades of so many Bachelor and Bachelorette stars before him — including Sam Frost, who was just announced as Home and Away’s new recruit — it seems likely that Matty J may be looking to swap marketing for media once the show wraps up.

But according to him, he’s happy where he is. “I’m working for a marketing agency which is really great and I love it ... If anything else comes off the back of this, it’d be icing on the cake, but it’s definitely not something I’m going to go out and chase.”


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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by AllAboutLove on Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:08 am

@AllAboutLove wrote:There are quite a lot of media radio interviews that Matty has done the last couple of days if anyone wants to search and post them. 
Lots of the stations have Matty tagged in IG for the radio interviews he has done). Also on FB - search The Bachelor Australia or Matty J keywords. May be some on Twitter too

Here are some:

@AllAboutLove wrote:@mercieme more than 2 I believe just from my quick search on IG with his tagged pics and things. I also think he stayed there for more than a day which is unusual I think for media tours.

Today he is doing media in Brisbane. So a bit of an Oz media blitz tour I suspect and then back to Sydney for premiere?


We also chatted about the contestant who wore her V8 Supercars Miss Personality sash to the first cocktail party.

Matty J said: “Stacey came up and she owned it and she was really confident and I love the fact that she was really proud of what she achieved and she was probably one of the girls who was the most easy to talk to right from the beginning.”

@AllAboutLove wrote:Confirmation that Matty's been having SHVs every few weeks

“When I came back from filming, my friends wanted to know who I ended up with and what she was 
like,” he admits.

“You can’t tell them anything, because it will give it away – even down to their hair or job. It’s tricky.

“You want to see that person, but don’t have the luxury of being able to catch up whenever you want, which is frustrating.”

But Matty says the couple do enjoy secret rendezvous away from prying eyes.

“That’s the really nice thing about it,” he says with a cheeky grin, revealing that the loved-up couple are whisked away to undisclosed locations every few weeks.
article from July 17 http://www.nowtolove.com.au/celebrity/tv/the-bachelor-matty-johnson-head-over-heels-in-love-39245

@AllAboutLove wrote:Look who is on the cover with Matty J - Elise and Laura! It's going to be a good season for sleuthing I think!  yes

@mercieme wrote:Credit to poster @LeapofFaith - Matty Pop Sugar (PS) Interview

Matty J: "I'm Really Happy . . . I Found Someone Great"

Matty Johnson, the kind, cheeky, charming 29-year-old who won over audiences in last year's season of The Bachelorette, is set to make his return to TV this Wednesday. Sitting in the driver's seat as the Bachelor, Matty will face 22 beautiful women and whittle them down to just one lucky lady — with whom, he tells us, he is in love.

We spoke to Matty ahead of Wednesday night's kick-off, and before we could even get into our questions, Matty answered the biggest one for us. Read on for more!

PS: Matty! What's been happening since last time we spoke?

Matty: Oh, look, you know, nothing much — just found love.

PS: Yeah, no big deal. Wait, you found love?

Matty: [Laughs] Yes, yeah.

PS: Ah, that's a good way to start this interview off.

Matty: [Laughs] Yeah, it is. It's weird because I can give this interview this time; I can openly say I'm really happy and tell people that I found someone great, I just can't tell you anything specific about her.

PS: That must be pretty difficult.

Matty: Yeah, it's weird, but it's . . . it's definitely easier than last time. And it's even, you know, it's hard for her because she can't be happy, otherwise she'd give it away. So she has to keep that ambiguity going, while I can kind of skip down the street and be like, "this is great." She has to keep her cards a lot closer to her chest.

PS: Very interesting.

Matty: Yeah, I guess it's nice that I've been in her shoes before, so I can sympathise and offer advice. You know, I've been there. I guess it's slightly different because I was hiding disappointment, and she's hiding excitement. It's almost like a double-edged sword though, I think, because on the one hand, you can sympathise, but on the other hand, kind of knowing what you can inflict on people makes things difficult as well.

PS: OK, I can't wait for the show to start! Now, I have to ask about Georgia.

Matty: Yeah.

PS: Did it take you a long time to get over that heartbreak? And how do you feel about Georgia now, looking back?

Matty: Yeah, there's a weird kind of process to get over somebody, because when filming finishes there's always maybe a two or three month period before it goes on air. So you kind of . . . you do move on and you start to forget because, you know, "out of sight, out of mind." That she was in Melbourne was really helpful to me. I could go back to work and start the process of moving on, but then it goes on air and you have to relive it all. It's kind of hard to relive it. It's like looking back at holiday pictures with your ex.

PS: It's a very unusual set of circumstances, for sure.

Matty: Yeah it's . . . it's kind of hard to say exactly when I got over her. I think it just, gradually, I began to move on. To the point where I was kind of like, "Oh, now I'm really excited about potentially going on dates with somebody else." You work at your appetite for getting back into the dating world. Whereas when you've first had a breakup you're like, "Ugh, I couldn't think of anything worse than to date someone right now." And now, I think I look back with really fond memories of what we had, even though it was brief, and I guess I'm thankful that. For me, it was kind of just another step in really knowing what I'm looking for in a partner. You try and look at the glass half-full.

PS: Yeah.

Matty: You can look at your relationships that didn't work and go, "what a waste," or you can be like, "Well, I learned from that, and made mistakes, and people walked out but hopefully it'll help me in my next relationship."

PS: Matty, if you could date any girl in the world, who would it be?

Matty: I know it's such a cliché answer, and you probably knew that, but it would be the girl that I end up with. Or, I think, probably one of the most perfect women would be someone like Princess Diana, who is just the kindest person, but also elegant and beautiful.

PS: How do you keep from getting a massive ego when you've had so much attention? How do you keep yourself in check?

Matty: I think it's . . . it's kind of like I have two lives, almost. It kind of feels like I have my normal life where I'm at work, and I wake up at seven o'clock and do my nine-to-five, and at work people really don't treat me differently. They treat me like Matt, an account director. And my friends don't really care, they don't really treat me different at all, which is really nice. That definitely keeps me grounded, keeps me in check. Even comments on Instagram, they kind of feel like they're . . . even though it's on my page, it doesn't really feel like they're directed at me. They're directed at this Bachelor character, who is me but not really me, if that makes sense.

PS: Yeah, I get that. You kind of have to separate your life, your real life, from the TV persona.

Matty: Yeah, I have real-life Matt, and then I have Bachelor Matt. Even though they're the same person, I've had to differentiate between the two characters, which is really weird.

PS: How have you found all the fame? It got pretty massive there for a while.

Matty: Yeah, it was kind of a slow build,. I think that initially I was definitely in the shadows on The Bachelorette, and then as time progressed, interest kind of built up, you know, to the point where I had my first date quite late. And then it slowly ramped up, so it was kind of nice in the way that I got to warm up to it, it wasn't going straight to the deep end. It's really surreal, and I think it's . . . I remember, initially, when your face is in a magazine, your friends are like, "Oh wow," and they send it to you. But then after a couple times, the novelty kind of wears off. It kind of becomes normal, in a way. And now my situation is a bit weird — my face is in the paper or on a bus stop now, and that's kind of become normal. I definitely don't think it's gonna last.

PS: You gotta enjoy it while it does!

Matty: Yeah, it's just nice to have that little time in the spotlight. [Laughs] Everybody will move on and forget me and my story.

PS: Well, maybe not. Look at Tim [Robards] and Anna [Heinrich], they're still a hot topic!

Matty: Yeah, yeah. And Sam and Snezana as well.

PS: Exactly. So what is your relationship deal-breaker?

Matty: I think the biggest one is if somebody genuinely, just outright, did not want to have kids or start a family. I think that would be difficult to overcome.

PS: What's the best date you've ever been on?

Matty: [Pauses] The best date was kind of like . . .

PS: [Laughs] It might be a giveaway!

Matty: . . . It would just be doing something active. Something outdoors, something that involves the water. Without giving too much away.

PS: Did you use any pick-up lines when you were between The Bachelorette and now?

Matty: I hate pick-up lines. My only pick-up line is, "Hi, how are you? My name's Matt." I kind of think pick-up lines are — they don't make any sense.

PS: I don't think any woman likes a pick-up line.

Matty: I think to just smile and say "Hi" is the most welcoming. That's what I would do as opposed to try and drop a, "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Like, that kind of stuff, it's usually just cheesy.

PS: How did you find making out in front of cameras and stuff? How do be yourself in front of the cameras?

Matty: The very first date I did, you know, felt a little bit awkward, having intimacy play out in front of the camera crew. But then you just learn to live with it. It becomes really normal after a while, like having a conversation with your friend, around other people. And you know they're there, but they're not really have any impact on your conversation. You notice they're there, but you don't really see them as cameras — you're more seeing them as people, 'cause it's the same camera crew from the previous shoot. So instead of a camera, it's like, "Oh, that's Mossy, and that's Jamie, and . . ." Which was kind of nice, over time you just forget that it's being filmed and turned into a TV show.

PS: You've said in the promo that you believe in love at first conversation. Do you think the first impressions at the cocktail party are accurate? Is it hard to pick who to eliminate that night?

Matty: It is. I'm a big believer in, you know, your first impression of someone is normally quite accurate. But at the same time I think, I couldn't really have that thought process and stick to it in this environment because I know that my first impression with Georgia was definitely not who I am normally. And I know that there were some girls who would be really nervous, not because they are a shy or quiet person normally, it's just the fact that you are in front of cameras and lights and producers. So I didn't want to make any knee-jerk decisions based purely on that first, initial conversation. It's interesting to have the second conversation inside the cocktail party, and then see if that matched up with how they were on the red carpet.

PS: Did you find it got easier or harder as it went along to eliminate people?

Matty: It was annoying, because it did just get more and more difficult. The more time you spend with everybody, the more you get to know them and you build that rapport and that relationship. Even though a lot of them don't develop into being in love, you still really care for them. And sending people home, you know exactly what that feels like. You know exactly what it's like to stand there and hope you get called out. It did just get harder and harder and harder and harder.

PS: What question would you say you get asked the most?

Matty: Probably the most common one is, "Is it real? Is it scripted?"

PS: Yeah! And what's your answer?

Matty: [Laughs] Well I get that people would assume that and I'm like, "The best thing is that, with cocktail parties and dates, the date starts, and they kind of just let you get on with it." It's not as if they're calling "Cut!" every two seconds and saying, "Can you repeat that? Can you do that?" The cocktail parties will start and then the only time they would say, "Alright, that's it." Is when we have run out of time, and we have to go into a rose ceremony. It plays out organically and they just film it all. You can't help but want to defend it. When someone cries, they're not crocodile tears. People are genuinely upset and invested, and it is really real. You kind of wish you could be like, "Do it, go do the show," so you can experience and understand how real it is.

PS: I'm so happy to hear that you're in love, this is very exciting.

Matty: [Laughs] Thanks again.

PS: Are you excited for the show to start?

Matty: I'm really excited, yeah! Especially because I know the outcome and I can't wait now for everyone else to — it sounds like such a lie and really cliché — but to discover my journey and watch it play out, and to have that happy ending, which I get.

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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by mercieme on Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:56 am

@mercieme wrote:Matty calls his girl "Number One", swoon heartbeat And he is going to see Lee when he goes to Melbourne I assume for some press, hope we get some pics. And he claims he didn't tell his brothers the outcome; just his mum and sister. So i guess we shouldn't expect his brother to follow any of the girls on SM then Smiley Also I have read a couple of interviews where he stressed that it was not important that the girl had to be from Sydney....i wonder why that question keeps popping up He wishes the guys on his season could have been with him  Smiley Also I will be looking out for if any of the F7 was on the list of names that came out that was two faced, since he said after the halfway mark girls were more open to talking about who acted differently around him versus the girls  

Matty J Reveals How He Dealt With Two-Faced Women On 'The Bachelor Australia
It’s impossible to forget the moment Matty J had his heart broken by Georgia Love on the 2016 season of The Bachelorette Australia.

However, Matty’s temporary heartbreak turned out to be everyone’s gain—with his affable personality, willingness to talk about his emotions, and the fact that he’s pretty easy on the eyes, he was the natural choice to star as the leading man on this year’s season of The Bachelor Australia, which kicks off on Wednesday night.

Spoiler alert: Matty finds love at the end of the series. This isn’t a secret, as he hasn’t been able to hide his happiness. But what is unknown is which of the 22 beautiful ladies he gives his final rose to.

Ahead of the premiere, ELLE caught up with Matty to discuss what he’s looking for in a girl, how he feels about Georgia and Lee Elliott now, and how he plans to watch this season.

Does anyone know who you’ve chosen?

There are only two people who I’ve told, and that is my mum, and my sister as well. That is outside of the show, and production, obviously.

Has it been weird to not tell your brothers?

(Laughs) They’re feeling a little bit short-changed at the moment. They’re like, “What do you mean Mum and Kate know, and we’re being left in the dark?” It’s difficult because I would want to tell everyone, but of my brothers, I don’t know that I could trust all of them with this sensitive information. So I had to have a blanket rule of ‘no brothers will be allowed to know.’

What criteria did you give the producers for casting? So many of the girls are adventurous, sporty types with similar interests to you.

They got it pretty spot-on, I think, with the casting. Beforehand, we do have a lot of chats in detail about what I’m drawn towards, and what I’m looking for in a partner. Even when we talked about my previous relationships, [we talked about] what I felt worked really well, and what reasons we drifted apart…

But what I was looking for was somebody who enjoyed the outdoors—this was obviously one of the main ones—somebody who was intelligent and confident; somebody who was ambitious and wanted to make the most out of life; and somebody who had a great sense of humour.

What were you most nervous about when you signed on to do the show?

I think I had a few nerves. I think the main one was I thought, maybe initially, ‘Am I even the right guy? Am I a good fit to be the Bachelor?’ Not only for the girls, but for the viewers as well.

Did you feel pressure as the Bachelor, knowing that all these women were on the show for you?

I guess initially I was even questioning if I was doing the right thing. I was thinking, ‘Are any of them going to be falling for me?’ I hope I’m living up to their expectations.

I’m sure you are. Everyone is very excited, as you’ve probably seen.

That’s nice, having everyone excited. I can’t wait for it to start. I just hope that when you guys watch it this week, on Wednesday, that everyone’s still as engaged as they are now.

A big thing with The Bachelor in the past is girls being different around you and when you’re not there. How did you deal with this?

It was actually really difficult, because initially everybody is on their best behaviour. Even those who act a certain way in front of the women would then be sure to act differently in front of me, to put across the perfect persona. I could tell cracks were starting to appear with certain people as time progressed. There were times when I asked the women to give me information, but nobody wanted to dob anyone else in. I had to do a bit of investigation work at cocktail parties to find out if things were true or false. Then I would overhear certain rumours, and I wanted to explore them.

I’m surprised women didn’t dob in other women.

Near the end, or maybe past halfway, people started to be a lot more honest about other characters. But prior to that, everybody didn’t want to have the time that we had together focused on dobbing someone else in.

What was it like not being able to consult with someone about the biggest decision of your life, even week to week?

It’s tricky. Normally when you date somebody, the first thing you do is turn to your friends and say, “Hey, I met this person, and this is what she does for a job, this is where she lives—what do you think? And have a look at her Instagram… Give me your opinion.” Not to have that, it’s definitely weird. It’s strange. I guess that’s why I was most excited about finally being able to consult with my family at the end. I was excited to make sure that my thoughts were aligned with my family.

Was being the Bachelor an isolating experience, in any way?

Definitely. I guess the main difference is that when you’re on The Bachelorette, you’re around 15 other guys. You get a lot of downtime, and you hang out together in this big mansion. You play tennis, and go to the gym, and cook together. When you’re on The Bachelor, you’re in a mansion by yourself. I did miss the guys when I was the Bachelor. If I could’ve had them along for a second time to be with me, I would have done that.

How does the Bachelor pad compare to the mansion you lived in last year?

I preferred the mansion because it had a tennis court (laughs), and it had a better gym as well. It was bigger with a backyard, too.

How has keeping the secret been different this time around to last year?

It’s so much easier this time around, because I can be at home, and to my housemate say, “I’ve gotta call Number One now, so I’ll speak to you later.” Before, when I got a message, people would say, “Are you messaging Georgia?” And you’d have to be like, “Maybe I am,” and pretend that maybe you did end up together. This time I can just be openly happy, and not try and keep a poker face the whole time.

What are your feelings towards Georgia and Lee now? Do you still keep in touch with Lee?

I still speak to Lee—we’ll catch up when I’m in Melbourne later this week. I haven’t spoken to Georgia since the show, but I’m really happy that they’re doing so well. The fact that they’re happy, I wouldn’t want anything but that for them.

A lot of the girls are from interstate—will you potentially move for love?

I wouldn’t say no to it. On the one hand, I do really like Sydney, and I’m really happy here, but if I met someone amazing and they weren’t able to move interstate, then I would be open to moving to be with them

What are your The Bachelor viewing party plans?

My viewing plans are pretty boring! Last year we had a couple of occasions where we had a big group of friends together, and I hated it, because everyone just kept talking during the show, and I couldn’t watch it. I think a majority of the time I’ll be with a couple of close friends, or my sister and my husband.


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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by mercieme on Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:36 am

@mercieme wrote: Another interview with a radio show in Tasmania. He is very happy and in love, yeah we know Matty giggling

@mercieme wrote:Interview with the Western Australia, mostly similar things that other mags have said except they brought up the Kate Middleton look alike reference to some of the girls which i thought was said about Laura for sure by DM. Excerpt of his response to that below. There are 2 videos in the article as well that I can't bring over.
Gossip sites have been quick to group them as Kate Middleton lookalikes, which the marketing director said he found amusing.
“I am going to take that as a compliment,” Johnson laughed.
“I think Kate Middleton is quite an attractive woman, she’s very elegant. I would take Kate Middleton.”


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Re: Bachelor Australia - Season 5 - Matty Johnson - Media Social Media - NO Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

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