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Post by GuardianAngel on Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:50 pm

Rules for No Spoilers - Sleuthing

Any s/cap can be taken from the airing of any episode or Social Media for sleuthing purposes. If the s/cap is obtained online, youtube, online links etc, you must post the link where the s/cap was obtained. If it is your own s/cap that you created by your own recorded episode, then you must indicate that it's your own s/cap.

Taking a s/cap from Social Media runs the risk of viewing comments. You must indicate a warning that there are comments inside a link that you are posting. The purpose of posting the link is because we MUST provide source at all times. It will be up to the individual poster to refrain from looking at the link. You must post the actual picture so it can be viewed, rather than just the link which forces posters to look inside the link.

No spoilers of any kind are allowed in this thread. The purpose is to sleuth without the influence of spoilers from ANY source.

For those who are spoiled and would like to visit the non spoiled threads, there is absolutely NO posting allowed. There is to be no sharing of posts from the Non Spoiled to the Spoiled section and no discussion of any sleuthing in the No Spoiler threads and vice versa.

Screencaps from previews will be provided. If there are any particular requests, a poster may ask for assistance obtaining a screencap to prevent them from getting spoiled elsewhere. If a Non Spoiled poster has information to share and they are not sure if it's a spoiler, please PM myself or veg_out for clarification.

It has been suggested to add to your profile, under your Avatar that you are a NON Spoiled member. If you are participating in other General Discussion threads, this will alert other posters not to post spoilers in General Discussion threads which is not allowed.

Please ensure the rules are followed at all times.

Rules for No Spoiler threads

These threads are used for those who simply watch the episodes without knowing any spoilers and do not sleuth. No spoilers of any kind in this thread. Spoiled members are not allowed to post in the NO SPOILER threads. Spoiled members are not allowed to post in the NO SPOILER threads.

RIP Sophie Little Girl  

All Rules

Posts without source will be deleted.  

NO SPOILERS in any threads other than those titled Spoilers.  

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