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Music - Youtube

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Re: Music - Youtube

Post by havadrpepper on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:38 pm

Due to hearing loss in one ear, I have a hard time with most music because of the instruments. They overpower the vocals and I can't understand anything they are singing.  However, this summer I saw a video on FB of an all-vocal country group, Home Free.  I absolutely fell in love with them and listen to them every day!  Evidently they were on the show "The Sing-Off" and won their season. I never watched that show so never saw them.

This is the video that caught my attention:

This is my current favorite of theirs:

They have crazy fans that will video their concerts and post them on YT as well.  The guys know this and actually appreciate it.  I have spent a lot of hours watching those as well since July!  I love the way they interact with their fans during the concerts as well. I hope to be able to attend a concert in March... finally found someone that will go with me!

And, every time I play the 2nd video, a puppy wants to be on my lap. She loves "the boys" as well!

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Re: Music - Youtube

Post by GuardianAngel on Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:53 am

@havadrpepper Great vids! I missed this! This is perfect music for my puppyson who gets so scared during thunderstorms or fireworks. I discovered music helps but it has to be soothing music. I'm sure this will do!

I bet your pup loves it because of the calming effect. Wonderful!

RIP Sophie Little Girl  

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Music - Youtube

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