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Bingham Fitz-Henry - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

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Bingham Fitz-Henry - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by AllAboutLove on Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:33 pm

Bingham Fitz-Henry
- 25 yo from Brisbane, Queensland
- Professional Polo player 
- was a tennis coach while at University of Queensland 
- Likely MOT and may be out early  
- SM:
IG www.instagram.com/bingu133
Twitter https://twitter.com/bingham_fitz
FB https://www.facebook.com/bingham.fitzhenry

*** official bio ***

Age: 25
Occupation: Polo Player
State: QLD

Competitive and cocky, Bingham believes his best features are his height and physique. The polo player’s ideal woman will understand his passion for sport, love horses and pull him up when he is wrong, but most of all, she will be his best friend. Bingham’s ideal date would be a helicopter ride to a yacht, where he and a lucky lady can sample a large selection of whisky and wine.

What do you think about Sophie being The Bachelorette?
“I am in love with the fact that it is Sophie Monk. The more I ponder what life would be like with her, the more exciting things become.”

What is the most romantic thing you have done for a woman?
“I walked a long way on a very broken ankle to surprise her. She was asleep and her doors were locked so I threw little pebbles at her window for hours until she opened her eyes. I was very happy when she rescued me.”

What would cause you to clash with the other men in the house?
“My perceived arrogance.”

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
“Sitting in the same tracksuit pants, with the same blanket draped over me and maybe drinking a different type of tea. Still enjoying the little things as much as the big things.Hopefully with a lovely girl in the same blanket, but she might be a coffee drinker.”

Describe your dream wedding.
“At the moment? It would be one that I’m invited to!”

@Bobette wrote:

Bingham, 25, Polo Player, QLD When it comes to his perfect partner, Bingham is looking for someone who understands his passion for sport, love of horses and a best friend. The 25-year-old gallops into the mansion next week but little does he know Sophie actually has a fear of horses. This could be awkward!




From 2014:

I am a tennis coach at the University of Queensland and I am currently completing my practicum in clinical exercise physiology with QUT. 
I am very busy with professional polo Friday, Saturday, Sunday while I'm working at UQ Monday-Thursday. 
I am very tidy and cook my own meals when possible. 
I am trustworthy and open. 
Love a beer and find great happiness in being social.


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Bingham Fitz-Henry - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

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