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True Crime - General Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

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True Crime - General Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by GuardianAngel on Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:51 pm

Sorry @Bet2Win, I realized I forgot to actually create the general discussion thread. I moved this post from the Rules page.

@Bet2Win wrote:This is a cross-over between tv reality dating show contestant and true crime....this is in my neck of the woods. Redfacemad


I have seen the headlines on Google news but didn't read the whole story yet.

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Re: True Crime - General Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by albean99 on Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:52 pm

I don't generally follow true crime but one of my friends got me to listen to a couple of podcasts and now I've added to my list. For those who have never listened to a podcast, there are many ways to find them. I have an iPhone and mostly use the Podcast app that's on it but there's also Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, Apple, and many other places to find and listen to them. The ones I listen to are free and haven't run across any that have a charge. I listen when I'm walking, driving, and crafts or cross-stitching.

Someone Knows Something, CBC (Canada): It's about missing people and season 1 was about a 4 yr old boy who went missing when fishing with his family in 1972. I'm about to start season 3.

Missing and Murdered, CBC (Canada): It highlights missing and murdered Indigenous women, a big problem in Canada and the U.S. I found it eye-opening. I'm just starting season 2, Finding Cleo.

Dirty John (LA Times): This was fascinating and will be a limited series starring Connie Britton coming in November on Bravo. It's about a successful interior designer who meets a man that seems to fit everything she's looking for. Her family doesn't trust him for good reason but it doesn't stop her from marrying him.

Dr Death (Wondery): This is about a neurosurgeon in Dallas who on his way to ending up in jail, who caused deaths, paralysis, and pain for many victims. What's as bad or worse is that the medical system didn't protect the patients along the way. This is especially horrifying to me because I live in Plano, one of the places he operated in but this could happen to anyone.

Court Junkie: I'm just starting this one. Unlike the other ones, it's not a whole season devoted to one person. It highlights injustices in the judicial system.

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Re: True Crime - General Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by sosleepy on Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:11 pm

For True Crime podcasts, I LOVE True Crime Garage. They pick a new case every week. Very thorough, interesting, and the two guys have great chemistry. Highly recommend! If you download the Stitcher app (free), they are all available dating back to when they started. Newer epis are available on iTunes. They cover both high profile and obscure cases. Missing people, unsolved, solved, serial killers, the whole gamut.  Check it out!

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Re: True Crime - General Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by Sponsored content

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True Crime - General Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

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