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Colton Underwood - Episode Mar 12th - ATRF - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

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Colton Underwood - Episode Mar 12th - ATRF -  *Sleuthing Spoilers* - Page 27 Empty Re: Colton Underwood - Episode Mar 12th - ATRF - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by FLChica on Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:26 pm

@Lucas15 wrote:
@blueblues wrote:I think that they actually wanted Cassie to opt out. Why else bring her dad there? Of course they did not foresee Colton’s reaction, they just wanted Hannah as F1 because she was ready to get engaged. We actually saw CH trying to push Colton in that direction even after the gate jump.
Yes, he had been their puppy all the way to that point. That’s exactly why they underestimated him IMO.

Totally agree and that's exactly why they brought her father to Portugal. And also totally agree that they wanted Hanna G as F1 and were pushing Colton in that direction (for an engagement). That's where / why Colton told Hanna G "It was supposed to be you". He shouldn't have said that and IMO she misunderstood the implication of the word "supposed" - it was production pushing not his heart leading. This would absolutely not be the first time that production tried to get the lead to pick who they wanted instead of who the lead wanted and in some past situations they've been able to pull that off.

@blueblues wrote:Makes you wonder what if. What if Colton had given in to CH’s persuasion, continued with the two remaining women and proposed to Hannah? First of all, the fence jump wouldn’t have been aired. It would have been kept secret – until 2 days before the finale when RS revealed it.
Hannah would have been miserable after finding out, and Colton would have had regrets for not following his heart. Engagement: Doomed.
Cassie would probably have been edited as a clear frontrunner all season, and the online hatred and bullying would have been twice as bad.

Again I think you're right. For at least all those reasons and probably some more an engagement to Hanna G would have been doomed no matter what Hanna would have done - Colton's heart just wouldn't have ever been with her.
Thanks @blueblues and @Lucas15 for putting this all together! If this scenario sounds familiar, it's exactly what happened with Arie-Lauren-Becca IMO. TPTB wanted Lauren for the gorgeous brokenhearted next 'ette and an engagement for 6 months with Becca. Same sh**, different cast members. 

I read here that Colton has a new level of respect for Arie after going through his own season. Hugesmile Hopefully, C & C will have the same outcome: engagement, wedding, baby!


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Colton Underwood - Episode Mar 12th - ATRF - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

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