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Anthony D'Amico & Ashley Petta - MAFS - Season 5 - Discussion


MAFS' Anthony D'Amico on His 'Great Chemistry' with Ashley Petta: 'She's an Absolute Knockout'

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The only thing I didn’t understand right away was Ashley’s relationship with her sister, Lauren. After Lauren mentioned that they hung out three to four days a week, I could tell they were obviously very close and it was nice to know that family was big for her, but more on that later in the season. ...snipped...

The best is yet to come!


I'm thinking Ashley's sister is going to cause an issue, but on a good note, Anthony ends his blog with "The best is yet to come". Both blogs were enouraging!
by GuardianAngel
on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:18 pm
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Topic: Anthony D'Amico & Ashley Petta - MAFS - Season 5 - Discussion
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