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Arie Luyendyk Jr - Lauren Burnham - Bachelor 22 - Discussion #4

@GuardianAngel wrote:
@XQZME wrote:snipped..

Didn’t someone, pages back, link to “not so nice” tweets Arie posted in twitter?  Those tweets show that Arie is just as quacky, tacky, and vindictive as this neighbor is accused of being...

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There was one tweet that I know of after several days/weeks of the neighbour posting their version of events on an open forum, Arie hashtagged pr*ck, that's all I remember of the tweet. I'm not aware of several tweets or a back and forth exchange SCMIIW for me to call him tacky and vindictive like his neighbour is being accused of, for posting one tweet after the neighbour had a hay day at Arie's expense. How was Arie suppose to defend himself, without joining that forum and having a back and forth. IMHO the neighbour to me is just another troll who sits behind a computer under a fictitious name spewing whatever they want.  

Hopefully Arie will sell that condo, and the new buyers get along with the neighbour. Or they might meet their match. Careful what you wish for.

This could be the one yo are thinking of. It was long before the neighbor went public.

by blueblues
on Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:28 am
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Topic: Arie Luyendyk Jr - Lauren Burnham - Bachelor 22 - Discussion #4
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Caila Quinn - BIP - Season 3 - Discussion - #2

@abcnetwork "The Bachelor", "The Bachelorette" & "Bachelor in Paradise"'s guests at our NYFW pop-up event - in honor of SheLift by @sarahherron. Every Feb. & Sept. - hope to see you all at the next one! Topics tagged under pr on  270c #vip #celebrities #tv #reality #nyfw #fashionweek #nyc #redcarpet #event #guests #fashion #beauty #entertainment #lifestyle #interview #blogger #pr #marketing #socialmedia #la #aclmarketing #aclpr by @aclmarketing

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Topics tagged under pr on  1f331 Topics tagged under pr on  1f349 So proud of my mom. She grew this mini watermelon in her garden & send me a photo in elation this morning. *** Love my mother. She is the type of woman that doesn't ask for much, but gives everything of herself. It is her dream to grow a jungle of pickable fruits in our backyard... As children, she'd have my brother & me save all of the seeds from cherries, peaches, & pears... eventually there would be three or four full bowls on the kitchen windowsill & it always made me smile to think I was helping her in some small wayTopics tagged under pr on  2728 by @cailaquinn
by bluwavz
on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:45 pm
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Topic: Caila Quinn - BIP - Season 3 - Discussion - #2
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