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DeAnna & Stephen Stagliano - Bachelorette 4 - Discussion

DeAnna is looking amazing.

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deannastagBeing The Bachelorette was awesome. Traveling the world, awesome. Being on T.V., again..awesome. BUT, this is life! These two little humans are everything and make it all worth it. Life is not easy and I have definitely had my share of sins and mistakes. It is hard for me to remember life before them. To me, being a mother, is the most selfless job. Everything I do, I do for them. I live for them. This is life.
Dress: @laundrybyshelli @valerielewis
#thebachelorette #thebachelor #squadgoals #addisonmarie #austinmichael #loveandmarriage #lifecomplete

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deannastagAnd this is what it's all about....
#addisonmarie #happygirl #happydaddy #heartsofull #lifecomplete #somuchfun #happiness #goals #stagbabies #goals #love #lifeafterthebachlorette
by GuardianAngel
on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:19 pm
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Topic: DeAnna & Stephen Stagliano - Bachelorette 4 - Discussion
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Bachelor 21 - Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi - FAN Forum - Discussion #24

Love the hashtags and the pic! heartbeat heartbeat I love the ease with which Vanessa has become a part of Nick's family and his circle of longtime friends. V holding Nick's godson is making me wish for those Nissa babies sooner. giggling giggling Kaia will always be the MVP of Nick-Vanessa's love story IMO.  Topics tagged under somuchfun on  1f64c  Who knows where these two would be if Kaia had not nominated Nick for the 'Ette?
by coolangel
on Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:23 pm
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Topic: Bachelor 21 - Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi - FAN Forum - Discussion #24
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Bachelor 19 - Chris Soules - Episode 9 - *Spoilers & Sleuthing* -

@GuardianAngel wrote:Didn't Sean have a date with monkey's on a beach? I can't recall exactly or who it was with.

Part of FD with Lindsey which also included eating bugs bugs in the town market. And then Ms. Organizer got the dumb abandonment cave stuff. #SoMuchFun

Cat got the boat date which was definitely the best of the three.
by umngirl
on Sat Feb 21, 2015 2:21 am
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Topic: Bachelor 19 - Chris Soules - Episode 9 - *Spoilers & Sleuthing* -
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