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Bachelor 25 - Matt James - ALL TOPICS - *NO SPOILERS* - *SLEUTHING*

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Bachelor 25 - Matt James - ALL TOPICS - *NO SPOILERS* - *SLEUTHING* Empty Bachelor 25 - Matt James - ALL TOPICS - *NO SPOILERS* - *SLEUTHING*

Post by GuardianAngel on Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:29 am

Please refer to the NO SPOILERS NO SLEUTHING rules. This thread is for sleuthing with no spoilers. If you are watching the show without reading any spoilers you may sleuth in this thread.

We will post any SM that has already aired in order to not spoil any information. S/caps and vids may also be posted, for example previews for sleuthing purposes.

If you are spoiled and/or are sleuthing in other spoiler threads, you are not allowed to post in these threads at all.


All Rules

Posts without source will be deleted.  

NO SPOILERS in any threads other than those titled Spoilers.  

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Bachelor 25 - Matt James - ALL TOPICS - *NO SPOILERS* - *SLEUTHING*

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