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The Bachelor 20 - Ben Higgins - Episode 7 - Discussion - *Sleuthing - Spoilers*

One of our San Diego Sports Directors (fittingly on the ABC station here - KGTV/10) is also named Ben Higgins.

Both look enough alike and have verified accounts that from just the little twitter pic people have been confusing them since Ben was on Bachelor last season.

The two Bens met earlier in person for press stuff because the Ben who's the Sports Director decided he's gotten enough of his emails and tweets it was time.  Topics tagged under 10newsat11 on 1f604

It finally happened. Coming up on @10News at 11a...Ben Higgins & Ben Higgins, the interview. #TheBachelor @benhiggi

The moment 10News Sports Director @BenHigginsSD met The Bachelor @benhiggi #news #TheBachelor #producer
Topics tagged under 10newsat11 on CYDkmkdUsAAxA7u

And Bach Ben tweeted about it and included it in a few interviews:

Two Bens collide! Finally I met the other @BenHigginsSD

And his station, 10 News has always done things a few times during the Bach/ette on the news at 11 pm if locals are on the show, so Becca's been talked about a lot since she's local and made it so far last season also.

I'm sure this will end up on at least Sports Director Ben's twitter account, but probably also on the 10 News website somewhere tomorrow, but in case anyone wants to watch online, it'll be on in 10 minutes and you can watch on their website or app, etc.

How did @BachelorABC's @behiggi cross virtual paths with a San Diego sports star tonight? This Ben Higgins will show you on #10Newsat11

Sports Director Ben has been posting some of the tweets he's gotten all season since having Bach Ben on, but tonight it's also coinciding with a Jimmy K "mean tweets" thing - which happens to be perfect timing since he's getting bombarded with mean tweets for letting Becca go.

Only obviously it's the wrong Ben Higgins. LOL.

Topics tagged under 10newsat11 on CbUDvUAUEAAoaq0

#Kimmel has "Mean Tweets" tonight after #10NewsAt11, but I can get the party started with a little @BachelorABC love
Topics tagged under 10newsat11 on CbT_WlcVAAE9yVU

It's been quite funny to watch on SM and on the news, as it was all love notes and proposals for most of the season, and requests to date him, but he's still rolling with the hate mail so far too! Ha
by kikora
on Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:53 am
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Topic: The Bachelor 20 - Ben Higgins - Episode 7 - Discussion - *Sleuthing - Spoilers*
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