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Apollo Jackson - Jake Spence - Vintage Date Guy - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

So Apollo eliminated at F3 as sleuthed/speculated. His edit wasn't that great this episode IMO as Sophie said he wasn't ready for a relationship and he didn't seem to act like was gunning for the gig.

However, Apollo's IG post makes me think he may want to be the Bach lead since he is saying his heart is still open to finding love and the right person is out there for him. Very next-lead like words imo as Richie/F3/BachS4 said something very similar in his SM post after he was eliminated on Sam's season and also posted a photo of just himself like Apollo has


Definitely not the ending I'd hoped for, 3-6 years was meant to be my reply for kids but I crumbled.. Sophie is an absolutely amazing woman in every way and I wish her all the happiness I know she'll make the right decision and end up with an awesome partner who'll treat her right. I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who's supported me through my journey, sorry I havnt been able to get back to people's messages but your support means the world to me, it's been a whirlwind experience full of challenges, life lessons and moments ill never forget. I've learnt so much about my myself and been lucky enough to make some life-long friends in the house. My hearts still open for finding love and I know the right persons out there for me.
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ETA: Sportsbet placing bets on Apollo to be the next bachelor
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by AllAboutLove
on Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:40 am
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Topic: Apollo Jackson - Jake Spence - Vintage Date Guy - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - *Sleuthing Spoilers*
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