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Bachelorette 13 - Rachel Lindsay - SM Media - *Sleuthing Spoilers* Discussion - #7

Both Bryan and Peter posted about the Ellen date on IG. I found their captions interesting. Well, to me at least:

Bryan (posted yesterday before show time)
thebryanabasoloDamn you fireball...damn you! (emoji)#thebachelorette #ellenhatesme #donttakeshotsrightbeforeyougoonnationaltv #sorryrachel #sorryellen #shoudvedancedforrachel #shehadawadof
Tune in tonight at 8pm on ABC!!

Peter: (today)
peterkrauswiStill in disbelief that this day actually happened!! Sitting on the stage of @theellenshow last night with @therachlindsay ?! Really?! In the words of the great @thereal_billyg "I crossed things off of my bucket list that I didn't even know were on my bucket list." (emoji)#onceinalifetime #ellen #TheBachelorette #imustbedreaming #thankyou

IMO, Peter's seems to be about the date, what a great experience to be on the show, but Bryan's is more personal, a direct address to Rachel. I read it somewhere in this thread (I think) that the girls mentioned Fireball is Rachel's favorite drink? If that's true, then could Bryan's caption be a shout out to her?

All jmo and it's open to interpretation.
by sdmom
on Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:51 pm
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Topic: Bachelorette 13 - Rachel Lindsay - SM Media - *Sleuthing Spoilers* Discussion - #7
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