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Bachelor 21 - Nick Viall - FAN Forum - *Sleuthing Spoilers* #20

For 21 years, I've been in front of the camera but recently I've been doing the behind the scenes thing w/my production company Thrill of Entertainment creating content. Lately, In conjunction with the tv show Extra (who's helping me develop it), this is one of my babies. "What Women Need" is guys giving ladies the real scoop on what goes on inside our sometimes empty heads when it comes to relationships. It's real, raw and very funny! Much love to @jasonderulo @charissajthompson @adamray33 & @nickviall for doing an outstanding job. It airs on Extra next weekend. Check your local listings. As always, thanks for the support. #producer #TV by @itsmikehill

Lotta laughs on @extratv today with my new homies @jasonderulo @charissajthompson @nickviall. Pitched a Chef Boyardee song to JD. We'll see what happens. #whatwomenwant #dudesonthespot #extra by @adamray33
by bluwavz
on Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:11 pm
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Topic: Bachelor 21 - Nick Viall - FAN Forum - *Sleuthing Spoilers* #20
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