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Rules - Guidelines - NO Discussion Empty Rules - Guidelines - NO Discussion

Post by Admin Sun May 18, 2014 3:23 pm

Sleuthing and exchanging opinions by thoughtful and respectful conversations among all registered members.
Treat everyone fairly and with respect regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, colour, sexual orientation, or religion.

Rules - Guidelines

Posting - No insults, defamatory, name calling, insinuating, blaming, attacking, racists, swearing, pornographic, deliberate annoying or taunting posts to bait others, that are negative in nature towards the moderators, administrators, Forum Rules, or towards other members of this forum, or relatives of reality TV contestants who are not contestants themselves. No discussing or speculating those who are not contestants. No labelling or describing any one in a criminal manner or describing your opinions in a criminal matter or accusing someone of criminal activity. Refrain from using "you" in an accusatory manner. Profanity is not acceptable in any area of our forum. Any posts with reference to mocking race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, colour, sexual orientation, or religion will be deleted.

Any posts that contain the above are NOT tolerated and will be deleted without notice. Continuous behaviour is cause for permanent banning. We request a certain degree of consideration and civility in opinions. We will delete and ban at our discretion.

Advertising of any nature is prohibited. No inviting others to other sites or mentioning other sites by posting links.  Many sites are filled with advertising, BBF does not support any advertisement. Copying posts and links from other forums including usernames is prohibited. Paraphrasing and naming the forum is acceptable.

Baiting - simply means posting with the sole purpose of deliberately annoying or taunting other posters, especially with a negative tone.

Complaints - Any complaints with reference to the Forum, a poster, a moderator, or any other issue should be discussed in a Private Message and not on the open forum. What may be an issue for one poster is not important to someone else and should not be aired in public or take a thread off topic due to an issue that has nothing to do with the topic.

Copying Posts - It is against the rules to copy a  post from a Fan Thread and bring it over to a General Discussion Thread. A post in a Fan Thread may be copied into another Fan Thread with the approval of the original poster. A post in a General Discussion Thread may be copied and brought over to another General Discussion Thread with the approval of the original poster. Approval verification in all cases, is to be confirmed by thanking the original poster in your post. The Administrator or a Moderator may move a post from a Fan Thread to a General Discussion Thread if it is not an appropriate Fan Thread post. Do not copy and paste posts from other forums. Paraphrasing what you read on another forum is acceptable, naming the forum without providing links is also acceptable.

Deleted - Edited Posts - During peak season, when emotions run at a high level, there are usually a high volume of posts that contravene the rules. Such posts will be deleted/edited, without notice or explanation. The Administrator and The Moderators have the capability to delete/edit the subject post, and all posts that are quoted in the subject post without notice or explanation.

Disclosing Information - If a Private Message is received from either the Administrator or a Moderator, requesting more information with regards to a post, or clarification on a situation, it is your responsibility to fully divulge what is requested of you.

Ethnicity - Sexual Orientation - For sleuthing purposes, as it is with all sleuthing, facts must be proven when stating someone's ethnicity. If it is being speculated, then IMO must be utilized, or it should be worded that it's the posters opinion the contestant appears to be of a certain ethnic background. We are acceptable of all genders. It is not acceptable to speculate what one's gender is especially in a derogatory manner. Avoid making assumptions of one's gender because it doesn't matter, we treat everyone respectfully. Our forum is a proponent of equality and inclusion.

Fan Threads are created for those who wish to remain positive with their favourite contestant-s and therefore only posts of a positive nature may be posted in those designated Categories. Any negative posts, articles, quotes etc will be deleted without notice. If you don't agree with the idea of Fan Threads, we suggest you refrain from visiting them.
Please ensure you are posting in the appropriate Categories by double checking the thread title to ensure whether or not it is a Fan Thread.

GIFS - are a fun way to express your opinion. Please do not use gif's to express your opinion towards another member or their post in a negative manner.

Identity - We NEVER ASK for a posters identity nor do we ask who sources are or post source's username, personal name etc. Speculating on the identity of a poster is strictly prohibited. Members identity is strictly confidential. Any speculation warrants a 3 day ban. Should you see a post that contains speculation on the identity of a member please utilize the report post button. We value all information posted on our forum whether it is from sources family friends etc. Members have the option of believing or not believing such information.

Labelling - We will not tolerate the use of labelling users of this board into categories such as "***fans*** "**bash-ers** "some fans around here" "sheep". This is a sneaky indirect way of name calling and will not be tolerated. NO ONE on this forum can post their opinions of other members. Your opinion is your opinion, and is never everyone's opinion as we all have different opinions. Do not use the word, we, all of us, everyone, we all, etc. Refrain from identifying groups of members as fans, as opposed to those who may not be fans. When discussing negative comments made elsewhere, please be specific, example, "comments from Social Media, Instagram etc are nasty" rather than "comments are nasty" which gives the perception that it's meant towards members.

Language - The only language acceptable in posting, in links, in SM or any source is English. Refrain from using slang which maybe be used by a certain demographics and not necessarily everyone of all ages.

Multiple Usernames -Having more than one username is strictly prohibited, especially for the purpose of impersonating and deceiving. We are notified of users posting from the same IP address. If you are having account problems, we ask that you contact a Moderator or the Administrator. If you have two usernames, advise a Moderator or the Administrator of which username you would like to utilize. If you are having a problem, contact a Moderator or the Administrator. Duplicate usernames or all usernames, may be banned without warning.

Opinions - The purpose of this Forum is to discuss contestants, share pictures, and share opinions. If you do not agree with someone’s opinions, feel free to respond in a manner which abides by the rules in a mature and civil manner without a direct insult to a user's opinion or the opinions in general of all posters. We do not comment on member's opinions since everyone has the right to post their thoughts without being accused or challenged. Replies which do not abide by the rules will be deleted without notice. Should you read a post you do not think is appropriate, please use the “Report Post” button located in the post. The use of IMO in my opinion, JMO just my opinion, IMHO in my humble opinion, or words such as I think, I wonder must be used at all times. Signatures with all just my opinion, IMO, etc. does not mean you are now exempt from including JMO/IMO somewhere in your actual post. When your post is quoted, your signature does not go with it and will no longer be seen.  When opinions are stated like facts, it causes mass confusion. Posts can be taken out of context, misinterpreted and discussions become quickly heated and side tracked all with the incorrect information.

Other Forums -  Posting information and mentioning you read the information, paraphrasing, on another forum, naming the forum, is acceptable. However do not copy and paste a post from another forum. This is a copyright infringement. We do not source other forums with a link therefore we can't copy and paste posts. We respect other forums and their agenda, however out of common courtesy we do not speak in a negative manner concerning other forums. Conversely any negative comments about our forum on any other forums will not be tolerated and will be cause for a permanent ban.

Personal information about family members is to be used in the appropriate manner respecting their privacy. Hateful and slanderous opinions of family members will NOT be tolerated and will be deleted without notice. Personal information on any contestant is to be used wisely and with discretion. Example, personal phone numbers, addresses or licence plates, are not allowed to be posted and are cause for immediate ban. Do not post pictures of property or any financial details. Any information posted by the contestant themselves is acceptable, however never an address or phone number.

Politics- Discussions involving politics are not allowed. Soliciting a particular party, mentioning a particular party in a positive or negative manner, advertising or trying to sway ones opinions between any parties is not allowed. BachandBachetteFans does not support any particular party.  

Private Messages - No Private Messages that are considered bullying, name calling, insulting, sexual advance, accusing or prejudice. This behavior is NOT allowed and subject to permanent banning. No one has access to user’s Private Messages. If there is a problem, contact a Moderator or the Administrator. Please do not ask on the open forum if a member would like to receive a private message or asked to be sent a private message about information they have. Simply PM them. All Private Messages from the Administrator or a Moderator must be read. If there is evidence of clearly avoiding to read the Private Message, user may be banned without notice.

Racial - Ethnic - Everyone is welcome to our forum regardless of Ethnic background, Gender, Disabilities or Race.  Proper terminology must be used when referencing a particular Ethnic background or Race. Absolutely no slang or offensive terminology or slurs when discussing any contestant or member.

Religion - The topic of Religion may be discussed for conversation purposes when it relates to contestants of Reality TV shows. It is not to be discussed in a manner for solicitiation purposes, to sway ones views, to stir up hatred of a particular Religion or Race, or to ridicule Religion of any denomination. Please do not post non factual information based on your personal or Religious beliefs .

Sleuthing - The main purpose of this forum was originally for sleuthing. We will always be a sleuthing forum. The art of gathering information to prove the outcome of a show before it airs, or the outcome of a relationship, is an enjoyable form of entertainment for many. Whether experienced or rookie, all are welcome. When information is shared by a poster, it is totally forbidden to ridicule the poster for their findings, their thoughts on the findings, or their speculation on the findings. Everyone has a choice, to believe the information, to provide their opinion on the information, or to ignore the information. None of these choices include degrading, insulting or any type of condescending comments. If a poster shares information they heard from outside sources, it is not polite to ask who the outside source is. All SM pictures posted must always include a source if their SM is not private.  

Snark Threads - Snark threads are created for fun and are to be used as an expression of sarcasm. Posts are strictly for the topic title. No other contestant is allowed. Although it is used for entertainment, please do not cross the line using vulgar or offensive language. It is not necessary to use IMO JMO since it is snark and not intended to be factual.

Source - A link to the source of the post must be provided at all times. Any SM, any media, any quotes, anything that YOU didn't say requires a link proving where it came from which gives credit to the original poster. SM usernames are to be clearly indicted as well as the source. Clearly indicate if it's IG, Twitter, SnapChat IG Story etc. If posting an image from an IG story, we must clearly indicate the username eg IG story Username plus the link to the IG account.

When posting Screen Caps, they must clearly indicate where they came from. If the poster created the Screen Cap from a youtube, or media article etc, a link MUST be provided as to where it originated. When moving a Screen Cap from one thread to another a link MUST be provided as to where it came from. When creating Screen Caps from your own source, this would be directly from a show that aired, you must state that's it's your own screen cap. When cropping resizing altering a picture/Screen Cap, you MUST state it was altered and a link must be provided as to where it originated. Under no circumstances can anything be posted from anywhere without a source linked as to the origination including typing anything word for word. We must follow the Copyright infringement law or posts will be deleted.

It is against the rules to take a picture or copy an article, or a magazine article, pictures or anything from a magazine, without an online link. If the magazine is not online, then it cannot be copied and posted. Copyright rules prohibit sharing by way of taking pictures. This prevents consumers from purchasing the magazine which results in loss of revenue for their companies.

Copyright rules prohibit anyone from posting any type of media SM tabloid articles etc without providing a source as to where it came from. To avoid legal action, please always provide a link.

It is against the rules to post from any SM that is considered private. If you are friends/follow and their account is private it does not give anyone the right to post from their SM account to our forum.

If you are sharing information from a source that is to remain anonymous, then you MUST state clearly that it is information given to you, or information that you know but can't share the source. Any statements made without an explanation will be deleted. For example Michael Smith is the F1. Without any explanation as to how accurate this may be, or where it came from causes chaos and will therefore be deleted.

Posting information sleuthed from another forum, should be mentioned where the information came from.

Spoilers are allowed only in Topics titled Sleuthing - Spoilers for that particular show that you are posting in.

Spoilers – Non Spoilers - There are many Categories that contain spoilers, sleuthing as well as Non Spoiler Categories. Be respective of those who wish to be non spoiled. Any information that was read in a Spoiler/Sleuthing section may not under any circumstances be shared in a Non Spoiler thread. Spoiled information can only be discussed in a topic titled Spoilers regardless of what information has been printed by media.

Threats, Racism, Sexual Orientation – Posts indicating a threat, or expressing intolerant views based on sexual preference, religion or race are NOT tolerated. The user will be banned.
Administrators and Moderators can and will close lock or delete posts or threads that are inappropriate and that serve no purpose other than to create a negative atmosphere without notice or explanation.

What Can I Post - This forum is designed for the discussion of Reality TV and the contestants who participates in them. Personal opinions, whether positive or negative about contestants, may be posted in the appropriate threads which are General Discussion threads, sleuthing threads, Non Spoiler threads.  Discussion is to always remain on topic. Comparison to other contestants is limited. For example in a sleuthing thread to compare past leads, or former contestants, is accepted. In all cases, it is against the forum rules to discuss another contestant that is NOT in the topic title,  in a positive or negative manner to show favouritism. All members of this forum are encouraged to post their opinions, in the appropriate threads without fear of possible accusations. is not responsible in any way for views of the Registered Members.

When The Bachelor or The Bachelorette shows are airing, all Topics related to the season, other than the Episode Topics will be locked. They will re-open after the West Coast airing is completed.

Please be advised that any information that comes from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] will be deleted.

This link is forbidden to be referenced on this site. I do not want to see this forum referenced in any manner. Posting information that came from ok heres the situation is not allowed. In the past we allowed the name only, and not the link, this is no longer the case.

Please do not share any information that comes from that site. I'm not interested in knowing.[/b]

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Rules - Guidelines - NO Discussion

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