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Post by Sprite Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:42 pm

Reunion show aired last night. Art in the studio with most of the important players. Lou was obviously missing.

They start out with a montage of the season and Chanel, Kimi and Shivani are called up the couch.

Chanel - doesn't regret leaving, but she didn't realize he was so invested and it was hard.
Kimi  - is still bitter and wishy washy. Thinks maybe she should have left but happy she got so much air time.
Shivani - Happy to say what she did and wouldn't change anything.

Next on the hot seat...Lana, Sam, Nagin.

Lana - thought it was surreal. You are stripped of your daily life and you begin to normalize the new situation. You can't escape from others or yourself.
Sam - was surprised the day she got eliminated and being swapped out by Lydia...even though they are mates now. Happy about her dramatic exit with the girls crying about her.
Nagin - people don't realize how intense the whole bubble is. It was hard talking about her emotions and happy to make friends and learn about herself.

Moses comes with crocks for Art. They are funny. Art is a really good host. So much more fun than CH. Moses said this was all strange...coming out of a bubble and having all the break ups. He really struggled with the RC because he knew that he just didn't vibe with some of them...implying he had to keep them regardless because that is the show. It was also hard to remember who he had spoken to about what because he had to do it with multiple people and you can't prepare yourself.

Out comes Shenae and they have a nice hug. Moses jokes "This is Art...our third wheel". Watching back has been hard, like reliving the relationship. It was a form of heartbreak and it was huge for her to put herself out there. They are still friends and keep in touch.

Next we welcome Annie looking fab in a white pant suit. She and Moses have a nice hug but are not sitting all loved up close together so I am guessing they are no longer together. Art gets right to it and asks...No they are not together romantically, but are still friends. The other ladies don't seem impressed. They say they gave it a go. He went to visit her and hung around with the family, but the distance, secrecy and that they emerged from the bubble all played a toll. She went back to work. It sounds like she wasn't impressed by her edit...which I didn't find bad...she says she looked mean. She mentioned where they showed her wrestling with Lydia and made it seem as if she bashed her face in the concrete when in reality they spooned together at night. She says they will always be a part of each others lives because of what they shared. Her family loved him and he shows a necklace that her mom gave him that he wears. IMO it looks like the break up was her idea. He looks a little subdued and she appears to me to be trying too hard. They hug it out and she psychs Art out and leave the high 5 hanging. I'm sensing some anger there.

Next up Lexie's Bachelorette season wrap up. I'm sure they want to finish on the successful high.

We start with a recap of the season to refresh our memory. A lot more smooching on this season.

Vaz, Paul and Jack on to the couch.

Jack - describing what happened when he left. From a high of some alone time from the group date to realizing it was HTs and thinking he hadn't had enough time. He decided quickly before he could change his mind. He is happy with decision. If they had had time things could have gone differently...but IMO he still wouldn't have been the one. Too young.

Vaz - thinks that Lexie had a preconceived notion of who he was based on his previous reality show experience and never gave him a chance. It appears he had some ideas of redeeming himself this time and never got the chance and that is what he is most upset about.

Paul - one of the coolest people Art has ever met. He thinks Lexie is great and they had a great connection. Don't know how it would have been if they had met in real life. He hopes they would have still had the connection, but they definitely could be friends.

What is everyone's biggest fear signing up for a show like the Bette? How will they be portrayed? Sweetheart or villain? Recap of how some of them had issues with their edit. Up comes Vaz, Joe and Jake.

Joe - struggled with the concept of the show and the fact that he couldn't do a lot of his regular sporting activities. He end up withdrawing into himself. At the beginning was more his real self. The middle part he was shutting down.

Vaz - felt misunderstood on the show and in real life. He is more than a guy with a hot body who walks around without his shirt...he was close to the pool most of the time!

Jake - Yes, he is a nice guy, although there is more to him and he was upset at how he was portrayed since they showed him very one dimensional/bland. It could have been worse dude, but overall he thought it was a great experience. It grated him how he was compared to his brother...I didn't notice that in his edit. I think he may be a tad sensitive about baby bro...they are different and the ladies were different. They guys knew and didn't really care.

Nathan gets asked how it was getting kicked off by the mole. I think he was more upset about not being able to hang with the guys. The mole is there and they wave to one another in good fun.

Bloopers and then Matt, Joe and Damien are brought to the couch.

Nathan - used joking around as a coping mechanism to deal with the stress, even though he is a naturally fun loving guy.

Joe - said that Nathan is the way he was on the the show. They hang together. Art even asked if they were dating.

Damien - organized some activities to keep the guys in practice for dating since they weren't getting any dates. They dressed up as girls for the others to practice on.

Joe - while they had fun, they also had some deeper moments that weren't shown. It was a good bunch of guys.

Next we have a compilation of Todd and Hamish moments before they bring out Lexie who last left us promising to teach Hamish how to catch a snapper. She says she watched it back and enjoyed it and didn't cringe as much as she thought she would. She thought it was a very accurate representation of how things happened. The goodbyes were hard, particularly as the group grew smaller and more feelings developed. She was surprised by how many actual feelings did develop since she had no expectations when she went on. Not all the connections she developed were romantic, but she feels she is truly friends with everyone because she had such a good group of guys.

Todd comes out and they hug it out. It was rough breaking up, but it was even harder having everyone watching it. He was surprised by how much support he got since he thought the audience would roast him because he is an Aussie. He felt bad at the time, but Lexie made the best decision for her and he can't say a bad word about Hamish. Hugs again.

Hamish comes out gives a good natured slap on the back to Todd on his way to Lexie. Hug and kiss and by the way they are snuggled together Art thinks he knows...are they still together? YES! They have been travelling around the country and have not been watching the show together. They did the first few weeks, but they took advice from others...including Art...and watched the rest separately. They are thinking of moving together, but there are no firm plans.

Next time...After party where the two casts join together. Looks like Vaz may be in trouble already with a couple of the ladies. Moses seems to be making a confession to Chanel and she is crying again because they may have been good together. Annie seems to be done with reality TV. This looks really good!!! Must see tv.

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Bachelor New Zealand - Season 4 - Moses Mackay - Episode Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers* - Page 4 Empty Re: Bachelor New Zealand - Season 4 - Moses Mackay - Episode Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers*

Post by Bobette Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:45 am

OK well this looks thoroughly excellent.  The casts are cross-pollinating!  


Did they let them all shack up in the mansion together? Please say yes. Bachelor New Zealand - Season 4 - Moses Mackay - Episode Discussion - *Sleuthing Spoilers* - Page 4 3806527698


I am intrigued.  Please report back when you are able, @Sprite Praying

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