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MAFS - Australia - Season 10 - Contestants - *Sleuthing -  Spoilers*  Empty MAFS - Australia - Season 10 - Contestants - *Sleuthing - Spoilers*

Post by GuardianAngel Wed Feb 01, 2023 10:04 pm

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Lyndall & Cameron
From the very first episode, it’s clear Lyndall and Cam have something special.

And it's not just the romantic soundtrack they played for every scene of Lyndall and Cameron's screen time, the pair really did seem incredibly happy on their wedding day.

The first episode saw the two 27-year-olds get married and then get to know each other, and as far as first impressions go, the two hit it off!

Cam, a carpenter from Darwin with no previous relationship experience married Lyndall, an accountant from Perth who has a new outlook on life thanks to new Cystic Fibrosis medicine that has drastically improved her life expectancy.

And so far it looks like the experts were spot on! The couple had a ball at their wedding, with Cam seriously not being able to wipe the grin off his face the entire ceremony.

Although we'll have to see how the rest of the season will play out, fingers crossed Cam and Lyndall will join the likes of Jules and Cam or Michael and Martha to become a successful MAFS couple!

The couple are currently following each other on Instagram - so fingers crossed!

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Bronte & Harrison
It was quite the bumpy start for Brongte & Harrison - and it will be interesting to see if they survive the first week of the experiment, let alone the whole season.

Not only was it revealed that Harrison was seeing girls up until one day before his wedding, but it wasn't even his choice to bring it up! Bronte's good friend Jessica was the one who called him out.

Jessica brought the receipts to prove that Harrison was seeing a girl on the outside, also explaining to Bronte that the relationship wasn't over and that Harrison was very much leading this other girl on to believe that their relationship would continue again after the show.

Whilst we will have to wait and see how long this relationship lasts, the pair don’t currently follow each other on Instagram…

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Sandy & Dan
Although Sandy and Dan were nervous at the start, the couple relaxed in each other's company throughout the day. Whilst the sparks may have not been as strong as Cam and Lyndall, there was definitely some chemistry and we expect the couple to give the experiment a good shot!

Although we'll still have to wait a while to see how the couple's romance plays out, we're interested to see how life after the honeymoon will go.

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Claire & Jesse
After the introduction to Jesse, it seemed the day was heading to disaster but we were pleasantly surprised when he and Claire hit it off during their wedding.

But boy were we wrong.

Things quickly went south after Claire innocently brought up astrology and crystals. Like a light switch, Jesse switched off the charm and was completely disinterested.

So, can Claire and Jesse make it work? It will take a whole lot of effort from the experts to get Jesse to look outside his list of icks... and we're not sure Claire will stick around, as she surely has gotten some major red-flag vibes from her groom.

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Janelle & Adam
Full-time content creator Janelle had one type of person in mind when thinking of who she could see herself marrying - a financially stable, career-focused man.

Enter Adam. An entrepreneur in the crypto space who also wants to start a podcast. A match made in heaven? Maybe not, considering their rocky wedding day.

Not only was money a tense subject between the couple, but Adam's personal vows at the ceremony also kicked off some drama.

“I haven't lived a perfect life, I've done things I've regretted, I've made mistakes and I've lost myself along the way, but they have all taught me lessons and made me the person I am today,” Adam emotionally explained.

Whilst it may sound sweet, it rose some red flags for Janelle's protective brothers, who quickly got to the bottom of Adam's backstory, and learnt that he cheated in a previous relationship.

Whilst Janelle was able to move past the relationship history, money and career questions continued to dominate their first days of marriage - will they be able to move past it?

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Ollie & Tahnee
For Tahnee, 27, and Ollie, 26, the Married At First Sight Experiment was a last-ditch attempt at finding true love, after struggling to make a connection in the real world, away from dating apps and technology.

And it went great! And as the experts explained, the following weeks would be an interesting look at how a younger generation will adapt to the challenge.

So will Gen-X love conquer all? Only time will tell, but it is looking like smooth sailing so far.

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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MAFS - Australia - Season 10 - Contestants - *Sleuthing - Spoilers*

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