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Caila Quinn & Nick Burello - Discussion - #3

@Sprite so jealous you get to go to Hawaii! It's such a beautiful, vibrant place PINKHEART Enjoy! Smiley

Topics tagged under saturdaymorning on 1f4ad  dreaming in the rain  Topics tagged under saturdaymorning on 2614 feel like trips are the best investment  Topics tagged under saturdaymorning on 2708  Topics tagged under saturdaymorning on 2728  Once you book... you spend time getting excited in anticipation. During the adventure... you let your inner child run free. And after... you can help but smile when you look back at the memory that brought you so much joy *** Just looking at some old pics & feeling grateful this #SaturdayMorning  Topics tagged under saturdaymorning on 1f4f7: @angiediazphotography #rainyday #canthelpbutsmile #maui #paia by @cailaquinn
by TheWrongReasons
on Sat Dec 03, 2016 4:03 am
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Topic: Caila Quinn & Nick Burello - Discussion - #3
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Luke Pell - Bachelorette 12 - *Sleuthing - Spoilers*

^^Brandon Kinney's boy who looks like he is also in the music business.

Luke Pell ‏@Luke__Pell  1h1 hour ago
Pack your bags  #SaturdayMorning @brandonkinney @jenniferkjkin

Luke is going to meet so many more woman after this season, no need for him to be the next lead (unless he wants to)  :cutesmile!:
by MiniDiva
on Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:41 pm
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Topic: Luke Pell - Bachelorette 12 - *Sleuthing - Spoilers*
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