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Former Contestants - Other Reality TV Shows

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Re: Former Contestants - Other Reality TV Shows

Post by Kashathediva on Mon May 29, 2017 10:21 am

@TrishB I often use that expression still--DUN with my postings. D-U-N. LOL I often wonder if members think I am misspelling.

My doctor asked me: "Does anyone in your family suffer from mental illness?" My answer:"No they all enjoy it immensely."

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Re: Former Contestants - Other Reality TV Shows

Post by Sprite on Mon May 29, 2017 11:55 am

@TrishB wrote:What great shows were those BB ones back then! I can clearly remember Adam "Baller" and his eyes popping out of his head... very scary to me, but he played the game, and won fairly!
So good to know he has gotten the treatment he needed and he is on the right track now.  Mental illnesses are so hard to go through, not just for the person but for the entire family and circle of support.
That is a season I will never forget because my boyfriend and I (avid BB fans) found the "bikini barista" to be a french fry short of a happy meal, but so funny.  In the middle of an argument with a couple of men from her alliance, she yelled "I am done!" and proceeded to spell "D-U-N, done!" laugh out loud!! And ever since that day, we have not stopped using that phrase during any argument or debate we may have!!
Dr Will is also my all around favorite player. Loved him as part of "Chilltown" with Mike. I also love the teacher guy who won, and also came back to play on the season where they had teams, he was a coach (can't remember his name!) but brilliant mind! He is always invited to BB Canada...
Looking forward to the new season in June...hope it is a good one!

Dan!!! I loved him. He is actually my favourite player these days, although Dr. Will is a close second. If he wasn't so into Mike and messing with his face, I'd like him better. Also, Janelle, Kaylon, Jeff and Jordan! The glory days of BB.

I have to admit the last few seasons, I haven't watched the whole season of the US show. Ariana Grande's brother Frankie ruined the whole show for me. I just couldn't take a whole season of him....my sister, Ariana Grande; my sister, Ariana Grande; my sister, Ariana Grande. I was screaming at the tv....shut up, nobody cares who your bloody sister is!!! After a few weeks of him I tuned out by turning him off. Since then, I tune in for the first few weeks to see just how annoying the cast is and then usually just follow along on line. Ika and her crazy almost ruined the Canadian show this season. I just don't enjoy the screaming and shouting just for show. It annoys me. Thankfully, Kevin pulled out the win and finally kicked her to the curb in the process.

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Former Contestants - Other Reality TV Shows

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