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James Trethewie - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - Discussion

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James Trethewie - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - Discussion - Page 5 Empty Re: James Trethewie - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - Discussion

Post by Enough on Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:18 am

Bobette, you will love this:



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James Trethewie - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - Discussion - Page 5 Empty Re: James Trethewie - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - Discussion

Post by AllAboutLove on Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:45 am

@Bobette wrote:James has written a 2-page essay on IG.  laugh out loud


Poor sweet Jimmy.  He'll be fine though, IMO.
Adding Jimmy's 2 page essay here laugh out loud  Poor thing. But considering he was a fan fav and like he said he has so many marriage proposals and is people's fav he's doing just fine. All the women wanting to get a pic with him, date, him, marry him and tagging out at the pubs and clubs doesn't hurt either. It wasn't meant to be but the right woman will come Jimmy  beatingheart

@jimmys.paradise broken.  ~ part 1
this is hard to share, but also really important for me as part of the healing process.. Soph, I'm so incredibly grateful to have met you, for the experiences & feelings we shared. You're an incredibly beautiful & compassionate human inside & out, I wish you all the best & know whatever decision you have made it'll be the best one for you, which makes me happy.
I also want to thank you for one of the best gifts in life you could give me.. and that's facing my biggest fear, and I'm so grateful as now I feel I can accomplish & face anything life throws my way  ...
I honestly thought & could see myself standing there with you at the end, it was a shock for me to leave tonight... i know we were told we're not compatible by e-harmony dude and I get it..
I'm both a Virgo & Libran (cusp sign) so can't help being somewhat organised .. but definitely not too serious.
I know the feelings & chemistry were real  and watching it back on TV just re-confirms this for me... it didn't work out with us, and that's completely okay, if it were meant to be it would have been.. and I honestly have nothing but love & respect for you and hope more than anything we can turn our connection into one that's best mates as it'd be a shame to let it go completely.
And to everyone that's gotten behind me I love you so much   all of your messages, support, comments & positivity have been overwhelming and I wish I could bear hug you all right now  .. it's been awesome to be able to use this platform, as I really wanted to take you all behind the scenes and for you to share & experience the journey with me along the way, and know where my head was at, or how I was feeling at each stage of this, otherwise it wouldn't have been real.. and last week I honestly thought I'd be introducing Soph to my family.
... #bacheloretteau

jimmys.paradise~ part 2
... and I'm also sorry if I let anyone down.
the thing I'm proud of most is going on here & being 100% myself, genuine, and authentic... and I'm glad you can see that shine through. Also showing you can be a 'manly man' , changing tires, sailing yachts, light fires & build sh*t, but at the same time still have respect for women & allow them to be empowered & to be themselves without needing to be controlling... and it's also okay as a guy to show some emotion from time to time. I'm grateful for growing up surrounded by beautiful women who showed me this.
It was always a roll of the dice & huge risk going into this, by being myself I said from the start Soph is either going to love me for who I am - I'm not changing myself to try & impress her as it's not sustainable to do so in any relationship (as she's not getting to know the real you). And if she likes me for me that's perfect. If not, it's just not meant to be, and that someone out there will like me for me, and by going through this experience it will hopefully lead me to meeting that woman.
Massive thank you to Soph, the boys in the house for sharing this with me & the now lifelong friendships we've formed, the production team, crew and everyone involved. It's been one hell of a ride and one that's only made me stronger! #bacheloretteau

ETA: Sophie posted about James on her IG. So sweet and think they definitely are friends post-show (Jimmy liking the posts of Stu tells me he knows Stu is F1 imo and they both following each other so likely getting along as well --- I also saw that Stu commented on Jimmy's post "love ya bro" so seems they are still close)  hearthumbsup  

sophiemonk James is the perfect guy unfortunately I’m not the perfect person for him. He is organised, together and tidy. I’ve dated a guy like him before and I did his head in . He’ll find a better girl than me x @jimmys.paradise

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James Trethewie - Bachelorette Australia - Season 3 - Discussion

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