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Caila Quinn & Nick Burello - Discussion - #3

girlfriend series with @cailaquinn of #thebachelor // I had an opportunity to work with the lovely Caila, to art direct a lifestyle photoshoot for her in NYC. Caila is not only beautiful, she is humble and truly a sweetheart inside and out. It's no wonder she is so loved by many! Topics tagged under art on 1f4f7 by @augiechang by @verosuh

Built up the courage over the course of our 5 hour flight from NYC to LA to ask @cailaquinn for a picture Topics tagged under art on 1f601 Topics tagged under art on 1f339I was definitely fangirling/nervously shaking while this was being taken. She was so sweet! by @xhuncy

Still trying to get paint out of my clothes, but totally worth it! Topics tagged under art on 1f602 Topics tagged under art on 1f3a8 Topics tagged under art on 1f377 Topics tagged under art on 2728 by @dana_nic

Getting our #art on @muse_paintbar #tribeca Topics tagged under art on 1f3a8 Topics tagged under art on 1f377 Topics tagged under art on 1f481 by @starlicityprny

When you run into Caila from the Bachelor at paint nite. by @loraalee
by bluwavz
on Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:59 pm
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Topic: Caila Quinn & Nick Burello - Discussion - #3
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Wells Adams - BIP - Season 3 - Discussion

I don't know where he is going but he was tagged in this pic for this event.

We are so excited to join forces with @onelovearizona as we co-host our very first event! Help us make the County Shelter a more colorful and inviting space (and, of course, raise money for the Shelter Dog Program along the way) with original artwork by DawgArt Pet Portraits. So grateful for the support of our sponsors @mgroupscenic @drinkcoco21 and @highstreetaz ! Interested in attending? Message us and we'll tell you how to pre-register with your $5 donation! #phoenixevents #phoenix #highstreetaz #EBF #mgroupscenic #scottsdale #arcadia #tempe #events #art #artshow #charityevent #charity #arizona #adoptdontshop #lovepup #nightout #drinkcoco21 #livemusic #drinks by @projectpal_az
by bluwavz
on Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:04 pm
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Topic: Wells Adams - BIP - Season 3 - Discussion
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JoJo Fletcher - Jordan Rodgers - FAN Forum - Fashion Thread - Discussion

Did you catch last night's episode of The Bachelorette?! JoJo rocked our CARY ring Topics tagged under art on 2728 along with some of our other favorites Topics tagged under art on 1f498  Ring named after @caryfetman, stylist for The Bachelorette Topics tagged under art on 2764 Links to shop in bio! #robynrhodes #thebachelorette #bachelornation #jojofletcher by @robynrhodes


JoJo wore a Zara jacket and Nashelle necklace last night on The Bachelorette Shopping info at #jojofletcher #zara #nashelle #celebritystyle #style #fashion #ootd #lotd #fashionblog #asseenontv #starstyle #celebrityfashion #jojo #thebachelorette #styleblog by @starstyle_com

Our favorite Bachlorette, JoJo Fletcher, stopped by our 3rd Street boutique! We love her look paired with these awesome Raybans. Thanks for coming by @joelle_fletcher! Topics tagged under art on 1f49e Raybans are available at our 3rd Street, Sunset, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Studio City, Santa Monica and UCLA boutiques!Topics tagged under art on 1f498 . . . . #bachlorette #sunglasses #style #losangeles #la #glamour #yellow #sunnies #eyewear #fashion #designer #photography #model #modern #vintage #handcrafted #love #art #instadaily #instagood by @dandeutschoo

SLAYAGE x 3 Topics tagged under art on 1f60d Topics tagged under art on 1f44c @joelle_fletcher killing three @aliceandolivia looks on this season's @bacheloretteabc Topics tagged under art on 1f44f #jojofletcher #aliceandolivia by @sydneyreisingcreative

by bluwavz
on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:16 am
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Topic: JoJo Fletcher - Jordan Rodgers - FAN Forum - Fashion Thread - Discussion
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Art & Matilda Green - Bachelor New Zealand - Season 1 - Fan Forum

It is pretty great HGL and glowworm to follow this story from the beginning until now and sleuth along with you both and others and be supportive of them as a couple.  bestbud!

Super happy for both of them.  :swinginglove  

This has hands down been my favorite show of any bachelor franchise. It really gelled with me and was so much more realistic than any of the other shows I have watched. Just so sweet and special. There was no drama really and people saying even the ATFR was boring shows that it really was not much drama. Everyone just getting along and Matilda and Art just falling in love from the moment they met each other night one.

Definitely also my favorite couple thus far from any of the franchises.  :yes: And what I mean is not only did I really like them from the very start as individuals I also love them together as a couple as well. That hasn't happened for me before on any bachelor show (did happen for Ready For Love with T&J). Usually I like one of the girls or the lead but not the couple or it takes me a while to like the lead or the F1 or I like the lead because of the F1 or vice versa. With Bach Aussie I liked Sam from the start and only liked Blake because of Sam. And even though I really loved Tim and April together, it took me a while to warm up to April and while I really liked Tim because he was so romantic on the show towards April, I personally didn't find him attractive as an individual (not my type) and his intensity, while so wonderful with April on the show was too much for me personally even though I loved the show itself.

Art and Matilda are such a unique couple and vastly different, imo, from the other couples seen on this show. I think it is because of their dorkiness/humor that it made the show and them as a couple so endearing. They reminded me so much of Tim and Jenna from Ready For Love (another fav of mine, individually and together as a couple) and I think are more like Tim and Jenna than the other Bachelor couples from any of the franchises. Just down to earth and quirky and original. They are their own people. I am very impressed with Art and Matilda and while they are both young for this franchise with Art being 27 this month and Matilda 24, they seem to have their head on their shoulders and a mature approach to life that balances so well with their fun, dorky, humorous side. Love both of them individually and especially together and hope it lasts since they seem like a really good match. They just have whatever *it* is that couples have.

Funny how soooo many people including myself thought she was F1 just by her bio photo. It was that obvious to people. Something about her face just shouted "I am F1" :cutesmile!:  

It certainly bodes well for both of them that she is a public favorite and that hundreds of thousands of viewers had pegged her as the winner like Mike the host said. It is great that they have a majority of support and it was nice to hear Art say that he liked that. No wonder he followed pro-Matilda accounts on Twitter from when the show aired, including The Spinoff who are HUGE fans of Matilda and fav'd tweets about Matilda and him. Also recall how he said how great it was that people were calling him and Matilda #Marthur after the first show aired. So sweet!

@nzgirlhq We've loved Matilda since day 1! Was Art happy that Matilda was a public favourite and that everyone liked her!? #TheBachelorNZ #love #TheBachelor #nz #couple #art #matilda #teammatilda #rose #realitytv 11h

Video response where Art says that Matilda being favorite made him think "Thank God!" he made the right decision and that it was cool that the majority wanted him to pick her.

So sweet! hahahaha!!!

Video link:

Topics tagged under art on 11232831_440929502734792_1252157103_n

Topics tagged under art on 11263264_352193984986105_1777616160_n
by AllAboutLove
on Wed May 13, 2015 3:04 pm
Topic: Art & Matilda Green - Bachelor New Zealand - Season 1 - Fan Forum
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